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Dr. Harvey R. Danciger

Rebecca Bravo

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Rebecca Bravo

Rebecca Bravo

  • Medical Assistant
  • Dr. Harvey R. Danciger
  • 74000 Country Club Dr, Ste A-2
    Palm Desert, CA 92260

My name is Rebecca.  I was raised in East Los Angeles and I moved out here in 2006.   I started working for Dr. Danciger years ago.  I enjoy being a medical assistant and my work environment is the best.  I love working with patients and devoting my time to those in need.

Rebecca is directly responsible for patient care and is the person most likely to administer your laser treatments and assist in surgeries in the office.

When I’m not at work I’m involved with the youth group at church.  Spending time with my family is what I love most.  I like to play volleyball and have BBQ’s on weekends, but watching a sunset and playing with my children puts a smile on my face every time.

If I were a toy I would be a light brite because I like to see people smile, bring comfort, and have fun in the process.