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Dr. Harvey R. Danciger

Our California Podiatrist Team Appreciates the Praise We Get From Our Patients

We don’t like to brag about our comprehensive podiatry services. Fortunately, we don’t need to. Our patients do it for us! Here, our patients tell others what it is like to work with our team on foot, leg, and ankle disorders.

My husband made an appointment to see Dr. Danciger today. We were very lucky, as he did a wonderful job and we are now new patients of his. I recommend Dr. Harvey Danciger very highly.

Sally Kanarek

I just wanted to thank you for your very nice notes to both me and my husband and to let you know that, although it does not look like you need any more testimonials, I would be happy to add mine. I was amazed that you made a diagnosis and treatment recommendation that was so minimal. My experience has been that so many doctors will order expensive and completely unnecessary tests and require multiple visits for therapy, maximizing their income at no greater benefit to the patient. You did the least for the most benefit , sending me home with a ready made shoe insert and exercises I should do at home. I am so pleased and impressed. Many thanks. Nancy

Nancy Mannes

After about, well it was about five weeks ago, after doing a lot of hiking and climbing and a lot of golf, I developed a lot of pain and soreness in the bottom of my right foot. I checked it out with my hand and found out I had two large bumps. One was on the ball of my foot and the other one was in the back of my arch, underneath my foot. So, I started using ice and heat for about two weeks and nothing helped, the bumps were the same. So, I noticed that when I got on the web, I found Dr. Danciger’s website and checked it out and decided to make an appointment. I had great reception with the front office, the women were fabulous and professional and respectful. When I met with Dr. Danciger, he suggested that either we can try a new laser or shots or even surgery. I chose the new type of laser that he has. It was six appointments. The laser was painless, 100% painless. It took four minutes, each time, and within two appointments, I was 40% pain free. I think, what it does, the doctor said it reduces the swelling and stimulates the circulation. After the fourth appointment, they were down to 80-90%, and after the last one, the sixth one, they were 99% done. I was just so pleased with it. It’s a great machine. I really enjoyed Dr. Danciger - very professional and I suggest anybody to go to Dr. Danciger.

"Hi, my name’s Marie, I’m from Indio. I came into Dr. Danciger’s office for a second opinion. I came in looking for an alternate treatment to surgery. Upon my visit with Dr. Danciger it was discovered that I had not only a bone spur but a heel spur, and also had an extra bone in my foot which was not discovered or discussed before, which I was grateful for that discovery. Upon talking to Dr. Danciger, there was an alternative treatment for me, as I have auto-immune diseases, which makes it very complicated for me to even be a candidate for surgery - it’s not recommended. Dr. Danciger and his staff have been able to give me back my life, where I have the ability to walk or to run or to exercise. I don’t have pain in my foot anymore. I opted for the laser treatment and I’m glad I did. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone else looking for an alternative to surgery. I’m grateful to Dr. Danciger. Their staff has gone above and beyond to make sure I keep my appointments and that I’m on time and explain the procedure to me. It’s painless, you don’t have any pain. You have immediate relief and I’m sleeping better. I’m just grateful to have my life back!"


Hi, I’m Ron and I’m talking to you because six years ago I had a tumor removal brain operation. As a result of that, I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. I have sought the help of various physicians and therapeutic people with not a great deal of success. Now I’m in the doctor’s office and I’ve been treated with a laser treatment and some supplements and new inserts and new shoes. I seem to be doing much much better. My wife indicates to me that I’m no longer suffering from restless leg syndrome. My ability to walk is much much improved. I can do without the cane now, which I had been using, I still use it on occasion. I find that the doctor is very attentive. He listens to my symptoms and together we’ve come up with an approach with this laser therapy and supplements that I believe is meeting with some success. I’m looking forward to having it get much better. I would like to comment that it has been a very pleasant experience working with the doctor because he is so attentive and probably has heard these symptoms a thousand times and still is caring enough to try to help me. Also, his staff is very friendly. The office is very professional and I’m extremely impressed and would freely recommend the doctor and his staff to any of my friends who might be in need of this kind of medical treatment.


"My name is Rita and I live here in Palm Desert. For the past 7 months I have been begging for a miracle, and I found my miracle with Dr. Danciger. I could not stand on my feet. I could not walk. I was screaming in pain, and now I think I’ve been here a month and a half and I’m a new person. My miracle has come true. I can walk, I can do everything because of Dr. Danciger’s treatment with laser and I’m so happy - so very very happy. I beg anybody who has foot problems or ankle problems or anything, to go to this wonderful, wonderful doctor. I am so very grateful - for being a person again, I couldn’t be before. It was unbelievable. I would be screaming in pain, living on vicodin, and I don’t even take a pill now for my feet or my legs. I have neuromas and I have neuropathy, but I’m alive and I can do anything now. I want to thank Dr. Danciger so much for treating me. It really has been a pleasure, and I walk out - no, I dance out when I’m finished with my treatments. Everybody’s laughing at me, and I’m laughing at myself. Thank you Dr. Danciger, very, very much. Thank you."


"Hi, my name is Marge and I’ve been coming to Dr. Danciger for close to two months now. I started having a lot of problems with my feet - probably for 10 or 15 years they’ve really bothered me. I had difficulty sleeping, sometimes walking in the morning. I started the laser treatment and after the second or third time I had it, I was able to sleep so much better. I still have the tingling, but the pins and needles don’t seem to be as bad, and burning, but even that’s better too. I’m still coming for the treatments, I’m going to have 10 in all. I really can recommend them because they don’t hurt at all. They’re very easy to do and I have gotten some relief, hoping to maybe even a lot more. Thank you."

"Hi, my name is Dianne. I’m from Rancho Mirage, California. For twenty years I have found it really normal to have a corn removed from my little toe, three or four times a year. A few years ago, Dr. Danciger suggested that I get a surgery on my two toes, because what was causing the corn was misaligned bones, I suppose is a good way to say it. I stalled and stalled for a few years until it became unbearable because wearing closed-toed shoes was the most painful thing and working on my feet was extremely painful. So, I finally bit the bullet, had the surgery done. It’s been nine weeks and I have the most comfortable foot I’ve had in twenty years! It was not easy, but I’m really glad I did it. It was worth it and I’m much better now."


"My name’s Bob. I live in La Quinta, CA, and I was referred to Dr. Danciger by the Eisenhower Medical Center, where I’m a concierge patient. I had an ingrown toenail and saw Dr. Danciger last spring. That would have been June of 2014. He advised me at the time, he said, ‘Look, I can trim this toenail and make the pain go away for a while, but the long term solution is a surgical procedure.’

I opted, at the time, for simply a trim, but he cautioned me that within a month or two, the nail would grow back and the pain would occur again. Sure enough, that’s the case. So, I came in in October, and said, ‘Let’s do the permanent solution.’ 
It was at some trepidation, because the idea of having surgery on my big toe was not a pleasant prospect for me. He explained the procedure and how he was going to take this big needle and stick it in my toe and I was fearful that I would levitate at that. But, I screwed up my courage and came in and said, ‘Let’s do it.’ 
However, as concerned as I was about it, it turns out that with his procedure with more or less freezing the area, which was not uncomfortable, and then injecting it, I didn’t even feel the injection.
The process was absolutely painless. Of course, the toe was fixed. It was an easy procedure. I’m now back for my four-day visit, the toe is healing fine. I’m looking forward to having a lifetime without an ingrown [toenail] issue. So, for that, I’m very appreciative. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Danciger to anyone."

Bob V.

"Hi, I’m Monique. I live in Palm Desert. I had an ingrown toenail and I was very nervous about going to see a podiatrist because I had a bad experience last year. I had hit my big toe and I went to urgent care because it was after office hours, and the doctor hurt me a lot when he gave me the injection to numb my toe.

So, I hesitated to come in, but I finally did. I called Dr. Danciger’s office and I came to see him, and would you know, he didn’t hurt me at all! I had a book with me, I read in my book from the beginning of the procedure to the end - never missed a word! I highly recommend Dr. Danciger and I recommend that you don’t wait like I did, because why suffer when you don’t need to?"


"I’m Karen and I’ve just had a successful foot operation. I had two toes that were extremely crooked and bent, coming over and pushing against my large toe. In fact, they pushed so hard against my large toe that the toenail on the large toe was very convex and painful. I had decided I was going to have it done and Dr. Danciger did my foot two months ago, and now, I’ve got to say, I’ve had no pain at all and I’m walking in a shoe again! I’m very happy with it. I’m swimming, I’m exercising and I’m very happy. Thank you!"

Karen M.

"My name is Jonathan and I’m from Palm Desert. I came to Dr. Danciger’s office about 8 months ago with a fungal infection on my right big toe. I underwent laser therapy treatment for the infection and today it’s all gone. My toenail is growing back wonderfully and I was very happy with the office staff. They were very professional, courteous, and even made a few jokes every now and then!"

Jonathan G.

"My name is Bob and I’ve started taking laser on my toenails and it’s nothing. I just sit down and the laser is on there for 40 minutes a treatment - which is six visits. There’s nothing to it. It’s supposed to clear up within a year, and it’s a lot easier than taking medication every day. There’s no problem at all, and it’s starting to look better since they started using the laser on the toenails. I’m very happy with what’s going on so far."

Bob O.

"Hi, my name’s Dory, and I live in Palm Desert. I’m a patient of Dr. Danciger. About a year ago I injured my big toe, and as a result of that, I got a terrible ingrown toenail. He said that I would have to have some surgery on it to correct it. Well, I was very nervous about the whole thing of having surgery – it was a little scary for me. He said that he was going to give me a local, and I thought that he was going to put me to sleep, but to my surprise, he told me, ‘No, no, no’ he wasn’t going to do that. He was just going to freeze the foot and give me some shots in my toe, and then he would just cut the bad part out. So here I am now, and today’s my last visit with Dr. Danciger. My toe, as Dr. Danciger has said, is doing wonderful! I’m very happy with him and I’m very happy that my nerves were quieted down and I could go through this. It was simple! That’s it, folks!"

Dory - Palm Desert, CA

"I’m Gary from Rancho Mirage. I’ve had neuropathy in my feet for approximately 10 years. We treated it with various forms of medication. I’ve been on those medications for almost that length of time, including a few epidurals to try to take care of the neuropathy.

I’ve been coming to Dr. Danciger for the last couple of weeks for laser treatments, which have been remarkably successful. I’ve gone for longer periods of time without pain or pain medication, and I look forward to even better results as it takes its time to become fully effective.

The treatments began to be effective, I would say, after the 6th or 7th treatment. Almost as scheduled. It wasn’t promised before that, and it showed up just about on schedule."


"Hi, my name is Linda. I live in Palm Desert, CA. I came to Dr. Danciger after going elsewhere. I had pain in my foot and I had surgery and the pain was still there. I had very little range of motion in my toe.

I came in for the laser treatment and it took the pain away. It has reduced the scar tissue and it’s increased the movement in my toe probably three-fold. I would definitely recommend it."

Linda B.

“My name is Hugh. I am a tennis player, I played Wimbledon and I go to Europe to play every year. I had a hip replacement about five years ago and all of a sudden my left ankle became swollen and arthritic. I had all kinds of problems and there was a great deal of pain when I tried to play tennis. I came here to see Dr. Danciger and he gave me [laser treatment.] It was very effective. I feel much better and the pain is quite a bit less, and I’m sure, if I continued, I would feel even better. So I would like to thank Dr. Danciger and his staff for taking care of me, and I appreciate it very much.”


I could hardly walk in. Today I was walking without pain and on my own. I just thought it was remarkable what just 11 minutes of this laser treatment could do. I just think its a marvelous thing because everyone kept offering me canes and finally someone brought one by and 2 days later I don't need it, I have to give it back. I'm a real proponent of the treatment, it's very fine.

"Hi, my name is Fran and I’m 67 years old. I’ve had ingrown toenails most of my life. I haven’t worn closed-toed shoes in decades. After I did some research, I found Dr. Danciger and his really amazing, nice staff, and with a very short, very painless procedure, I’m going to go shopping for closed-toed shoes. It doesn’t hurt to exercise anymore and I am thrilled. The operation is painless, the after-care is easy and simple and it’s been a most amazing experience. I’m looking forward to my next pedicure!"

“Hi, my name is Brenda and I live in Palm Desert. I came to Dr. Danciger about three weeks ago. I was having pain in my right foot between my third and fourth toe – it was a sharp pain. When I put pressure on it, I’d get the feeling like a shock almost, and I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I came to him and he diagnosed it as – there was a nerve that was getting pinched when I put pressure on my foot. He took an x-ray and one of his suggestions was to try some laser treatment, which I agreed to.

I started the laser treatment and I started noticing some improvement probably after the second treatment. It was very easy, it only takes about 10 minutes, and it’s painless and so far, for me, it’s been working great. I’ve had six treatments now, and I would say the pain has really decreased a lot. I very rarely get that sharp shock of a pain anymore. I still feel a little rubbing sensation maybe once in a while, but for me, this has been great and I’m really glad that I made the decision to try the laser before doing anything else. It’s really great and I would recommend it and it’s really helped me a lot.”

“Hi, my name is Nancy and I live in Palm Desert, CA. I just want to recommend to all of you that Dr. Danciger and his office did a great job. I’m so pleased that I finally found a doctor who realized and took care of my problems, because I’ve been having them for years. I highly recommend him. His staff was wonderful, and he’s done a great job. I would come back again and again and again if I had more problems, but he fixed them! Thank you!”

Nancy - Palm Desert, CA

My name is Gerry and I live at Heritage Palms in Indio, CA. I just wanted to tell everyone a little about my experience with Dr. Danciger. I came to this office on the recommendation of my dermatologist in November of 2012 with severe pain in both feet. I came to find out that I had plantar fasciitis in both feet, different areas of the feet. His method of help was to put me into a boot that fit over my foot and I would sleep with this boot and it would stretch during my sleeping hours and, believe me, it worked. I would alternate the boot, one night on the right foot the next night on the left foot. We did this from about November to February. Also, I was fitted with special inserts to help stretch the foot and help me with all the walking and exercise programs that I’m involved in. This also was a Godsend. I still wear those inserts every day, especially if I’m in tennis shoes or doing any exercising, or just plain walking normally. They have also been a wonderful way to get these feet back to normal, and I’m so happy to say that with all of this good stuff that I got from Dr. Danciger, I have been pain free from last February 2013 until the present time, almost the end of 2013. Hopefully this will continue, and I will continue with the inserts every day, but I no longer need the boot. If you have similar problems, this might be the way to go. I highly recommend Dr. Danciger. He’s the greatest! Thanks!

Gerry M. - Indio, CA

I’m Carolyn and I am from Palm Desert, California.  I had extreme pain; I had hammertoes and a terrible bunion.  I had pain continually.  I could not do my normal routine, but since I had surgery by Dr. Danciger, it is perfect.  I am very happy.  I do all my normal activities, everything I did before.

Carolyn H. Palm Desert, CA

My name is Ann and we live in the Desert in the winter and in Michigan in the summer which is our home.  For as long as I can remember my toes have had a fungus on them.  I did not know that’s what it was but they looked awful so I rarely would wear sandals or anything like that because I did not want anybody to see them.  So when I talked to my daughter when I was out here, she is a patient of Dr. Danciger, and she said go see him.  I did and he suggested a method with a laser.  I tried treating the condition with medications but that made me sick and I tried that twice.  For me I would not recommend it, maybe it works for some others, but it never helped and I never could get through it till about two months.  With the Laser it was more than easy.  I came in and had treatments, once a week I came, painless.  You can read a magazine as you sit here.  You wear glasses cause it’s a laser, then you are on your way.  I have had wonderful results.  It’s like one hundred per cent difference in my feet and I would recommend it to anybody to do that because I think it is probably the easiest way and the one you’ll get the most results from.

Ann L. Palm Springs, CA

"I have had the hammertoe, and it was really bugging me because it looked so ugly to me.  I could not wear nice sandals and vanity thy name is woman. I wanted to get it fixed, so I saw Dr. Danciger and I thought everything went well.  I loved the place where the surgery was done; they were very kind and helpful.  The doctor did the surgery, when I was recovering, I thought the first day, it was a little bit too much, I wish I had not done this, because I sort of pained and then I was very happy because the medication I took made everything all right.  Every hour I was better and better.  Today I am very happy that I had this done and I am on the road to recovery from it.  It has been three days.  I had it done on Monday and this is Thursday.  I am feeling wonderful and the pain was not as bad as I thought, the first day was a little bit stressful, but each time it got a little bit easier."

Dolores E Palm Desert, CA

Hi.  My name is Lilia and I am from Imperial Valley.  I had bunion surgery a week ago and I have experienced virtually no pain.  Just a little bit of swelling.  It feels fine and I am able to walk.  I just keep my foot up as often as I can so I would not get a lot of swelling.  I haven’t been able to take a bath which is hard, but towel baths. Next week I will be able to, when they take the stitches out.  Actually, I looked at my foot today when Dr. Danciger took the bandage off and it looks really good.  I’m impressed!!!  My toe looks great and if you are thinking of having the surgery, I would recommend it.  People had told me it was very painful and I have experienced, I would say, very little pain.  Mainly a little bit of, like it is stretching maybe, but no, no real pain.  So I would recommend you have the surgery if you need it.



Lilia S. Imperial, CA

My name is Elaine.  I live in Rancho Mirage, California.  About 25 years ago I had my left bunion done and it was painful and a tough recovery.  I was hesitant to come and have my right one done.  I saw Dr. Danciger and he assured me that it would be a less than painful surgery and so we went ahead and I have had two days of pain meds that was it after surgery. I had very little discomfort and just wonderful service and a very easy surgery.  I recommend it to anyone who is afraid of having a bunion done to come and see Dr. Danciger.



Elaine G, Rancho Mirage, CA

I work on my feet a lot, about 10 or 11 hours a day.  I was having significant foot problems, until I came to Dr. Danciger who gave me a thorough examination and also advice on buying the appropriate shoes, which took a little bit of time.  And then he made me inserts after trying some temporary ones, and since I got my permanent inserts, my feet feel so much better and my back doesn’t hurt.  

My back is staying in alignment as well as my legs.  So that’s been a real blessing.  I would recommend Dr. Danciger and am very happy with the service I have been given by the staff and the doctor.

Thank you.


B. Hall - Bermuda Dunes, CA

I can smile again.  It has been a few weeks; I went to five or six doctors.  This all started in January when I dropped a motorcycle on my foot.  I went to Orthopedic surgeons, foot doctors who said “Oh, as soon as your sciatica is fixed, you have bulging discs, you will be fine.”

Well, it was in the foot and I remembered Dr. Danciger, he was so thorough with my mother. I came and walked in with a cane, and now I am really good. I am ninety-nine per cent better; I am back to my life!  I really appreciate it; I had such success with the laser and his treatments  that I wanted to share it with everyone.

The main problem was my big toe and my foot in the areas.  I was in such excruciating pain I can’t even tell you.  It was just awful.

After about the fourth laser treatment I could feel it really kicking in and after six, the pain was gone.  It is almost ninety-nine percent better.

I had nerve compression damage and none of the Foot Doctors found it, none of the orthopedic surgeons found it.  It is a joke.  I went to a Chiropractor, who did fix my back, but he said too, he had a laser but it was not as good as the current laser used here and it is just wonderful.


B. Jackson - Palm Desert, CA

Dr. Danciger, for the first time in my life I wrote a letter to a doctor. I've never done that before, but I was so inspired that I had to write it on paper and send it to you to thank you for actually giving me the opportunity to wear normal shoes again. I cannot believe how wonderful your arch supports were and what a difference they made immediately. After having nearly a year of a torn tendon and very poor treatment for it elsewhere. I was finally referred by two different doctors to your office and thankfully I am now able to walk around and do normal things, and gradually build up my walking again. The arch support is so discreet and small that I was able to go to New Balance and get my correct shoe size instead of walking around in what felt like boats. I just think it’s absolutely wonderful to have this now. I just so appreciate you and the girls in your office are just wonderful as well. They're funny, they're nice, and they’re sweethearts. So thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy Season because I'm walking on air with my new arch supports.

Yolande S - Palm Desert, CA

A little over a year ago I had surgery on my foot to replace a joint in the big toe, the right big toe.  It was done over a year ago in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  The surgeon said then that the recovery would be about six months and I came to see Dr. Danciger about a year later when it was still hurting.

The last treatment that I had was on this new laser machine, the Cutting Edge machine, which is really marvelous.  I can’t say enough about it because I felt the benefit right during the first treatment and it has since recovered almost entirely.

W. Logan - Rancho Mirage, CA

I am a new patient of Dr. Danciger and his wonderful staff.  I came in with plantar fasciitis a week ago and Dr. Danciger gave me a very thorough examination, sold me insoles to go into my shoes.  Suggested Laser, which I agreed to do, and I can tell you 10 days later I feel like a new man! 

I would strongly recommend Dr. Danciger and his wonderful staff, and the treatment facilities that they have here.

J. Segal - Sydney, British Columbia

I’d just like to say that Dr. Danciger and his staff have done a wonderful job for my ankle.

I came in with some ankle and foot problems due to my total knee replacement.

Dr. Danciger put me on a Laser treatment that has been very, very successful and made a choice to correct my orthotics and the ankle and the leg are feeling very good.  In fact, so good that I won a golf tournament earlier, since treatment.


Thomas Velde

T. Velde - Indian Wells, CA

I came to Dr. Danciger because I had a very infected ingrown toenail.  I was very apprehensive about the procedure, always have been.  I’ve had ingrown toenails all my life. I Heard about Dr. Danciger as a referral, and I came over here because it was hurting pretty badly for several months. I was worried about the shot more than anything.  And the shot, he went very slowly and it stung a little bit, I knew that was going to happen anyway, but it was very calm, wasn’t bad. Then when he went in to work on the ingrown toenail, there was absolutely no pain, no pressure, nothing.  It was much better than I ever expected.  The staff is awesome. I had an experience with another doctor here in the valley and it wasn’t anywhere close to this one.  There has been a lot of aftercare, which has been awesome. My toe is healing quite well. I am quite happy because it does not hurt anymore.



M. Jackson - Palm Desert, CA

I feel strongly about the laser treatment.  I only had eleven minutes, and I could hardly walk in and within a day I was walking without pain and on my own.  I thought it was just remarkable what just eleven minutes of this laser treatment could do.  I think it is a marvelous thing because everyone kept offering me canes and finally someone brought one by.  Two days later I don’t need it, I have to give it back. So I am a real proponent of this treatment.  It is very fine.

M. Wulff - Palm Desert, CA

I came in with a sharp pain in my foot, that I really seriously suspected to be a broken bone and it had been like this for over a week, two weeks.  At night there was a dull, dull pain that kept me awake half the night.  Then in the morning when I first stepped there would be an excruciating pain.  And anyway, I did go to see a talk by a famous doctor, Sanjay Gupta, He said a lot of his older patents, in the talk, said there were two regrets they always had.  That they did not take better care of their teeth and their feet.  Well I decided maybe I better check this out, especially if this was broken bone.  It turned out to be an inflamed nerve, which I was happy it wasn’t a broken bone, but still was serious.  Anyway I’ve done the six treatments with the laser and I’ve got to say it definitely improved my problem.   It really happened about the third or fourth treatment out of six.  I really noticed a remarkably improved pain.  The pain was going.  I have now completed the six treatments and I would say it is ninety percent better.  It is definitely continuing to improve.  And I also went home after the doctor’s request and cleaned out my shoe closet and got rid of the offenders of the shoes.  I couldn’t be happier and I must say I would do this; I would try the laser definitely before any surgery.  Absolutely a must.  There was no pain at all.

K. Miles - Palm Desert, CA

I just had a surgery about two months ago.  I had a bunion, it was very painful wearing enclosed shoes.  I always had pain and it used to wake me up in the middle of the night, but now it feels a lot better, is more comfortable.  I don’t have the pain that I used to have.  I’m still healing but I am doing better.  I do have poor circulation in my feet, but everything is doing really good and I am looking forward to be able to wear my dress shoes pretty soon.  Dr. Danciger has done a very good job, everything looks wonderful and I have recommended other people to come to his office because of the way I have been feeling and I really appreciate everything he has done for me.

J. Nieves - Twenty-Nine Palms, CA

I have had this pain now since 10-3-12 for 2 months.  I was diagnosed in Oregon and was ready to move to Indio, so I figured I would get therapy over there.  I did get therapy but they could not do much for me.

Then I came to Dr. Danciger and had 10 days of treatment and doing very well, at least 70% better and hope to be playing golf in the next week.

The pain was at a level of at least an 8 before I saw Dr. Danciger, and once I get moving it is 0.

The pain was at the back of the heel with a spur and they diagnosed me in Oregon with tendonitis, but it is more involved than that.

I was treated with a Laser and had insoles and now I am ready to play golf.



G. W. - Rickreall, OR

Today I want to talk to you about the health of our feet.  Since I am a senior citizen, we always took our feet for granted.  We just did not worry too much about them.  If they got swollen in the evening, just get them up in the evening and tomorrow you can do your work. Now what about fungus under one of your toenails?  I still remember some 20 years ago, that the Medical Doctors did not see a fungus under the toe nail important enough to be treated.  Now I know better. I went to see Dr. Harvey Danciger and this knowledgeable, caring Podiatrist spelled out to me what needed to be done.  The fungus is completely gone and my foot is normal again.

I have been in nursing all my life, I saw many people suffering with foot problems, which could have been prevented by going in time to the podiatrist.  Feet are very exposed and could pick up some real dirty stuff.  Since there are so many diabetics amongst us, they absolutely need to see the podiatrist before it is too late.  So please set up an appointment with Dr. Harvey Danciger.  The staff is very friendly and the doctor will discuss with you what needs to be done.  Doctor takes good care of your feet, and of your ankles as well.

M. Marshall - La Quinta, CA

My experience with foot surgery from start to finish was a positive one. It began when I noticed a lump on the side of my left foot right below the little toe, which felt like a little marble rolling around under the skin.  It was starting to be a bother and a bit painful. I first made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor, who highly recommended Dr. Danciger for a second opinion and surgery if needed. Upon my first visit to Dr. Danciger's office, I was met by a friendly staff.  The doctor took an x-ray and ultrasound and concluded it was a cyst.  I elected to have it removed. The surgery was done at Hope Center, it was simple, painless, and I felt very cared for with good instructions for the home care.  No down side, only wearing the boot for 2 weeks and in retrospect that wasn't bad either. I feel very confident in recommending Dr. Danciger to my family and friends.  I know I will be a return patient should I need it.

J. Boos - Palm Desert, CA

It certainly is a pleasure to write to you and your office staff expressing my thanks for your excellent service.  For several years, I have been restricted from jogging because of my foot problem.  The discomfort increased to the point where I had begun walking on my heel and unable to stand for any length of time.  You and I discussed my commitment to work at a scientific exhibit, which would require me to stand for intervals for over three days.  I was unable to complete the third day.  When I returned you agreed to take a more aggressive approach for correcting my problem.  Currently, I am out of the boot and back in to my more formal shoes without discomfort.  As a matter of fact, I am even jogging a little bit.

Thank you again for your excellent care.

T. Norris, Ph. D. - Indian Wells, CA

I have been wearing some type of orthotics for over 15 years, starting at age 55 when I abruptly began dealing with bunions on both feet.  I have had a bunionectomy on one foot, but still wear an orthotic for both feet, to compensate for loss of arch support as well.  I’ve tried them all; including three different types fitted for me by podiatrists elsewhere, both full length and three-quarters.

Dr. Danciger’s recommendation this winter for his version was my latest.  To date I have experienced no discomfort, no matter whether I am wearing sneakers or formal shoes.  I am very, very pleased, and look forward to continued care from Dr. Danciger.

R. Alter, Palm Springs, CA

I was very impressed with Dr. Danciger when he examined and treated my 11 year old daughter, Stephanie.  She was very nervous during her first visit but Dr. Danciger’s calm and gentle manner helped ease her nerves.  He took the time to answer all our questions and explained things in such a way that my daughter can understand.  She now looks forward to her follow-up visits with him!

G. Christopoulis - La Quinta, CA

I had finished 5Ks and 10Ks before and wanted to take on a half marathon. While training, the added mileage began to cause numbness and discomfort in my feet. I had tried various brands and types of running shoes but still the problems persisted. Finally, I decided to see Dr. Danciger. After just minutes of examination, he identified my problem, prescribed some simple home treatments and the necessary orthotics. I have since completed that half marathon and am in the midst of successfully training for a second thanks to my visit to Dr. Danciger!

T. Mauleon-Macro - La Quinta, CA

You have completely changed my life. I’m almost completely pain free. I’ve gone from painfully walking for only minutes, to being back at the gym, and I’m taking beginning golf at COD. Unbelievable-For my midterm in golf I played 9 holes at Palm Royale where I had to walk the course; I was able to finish. I was a bit sore but I was sore all over.

I no longer have to take my shoes off because my feet hurt. The only mistake I made was not finding you first. You’re awesome. I want to also mention you have an incredible staff that is all a reflection of you. Thanks so much to all of you.


L. Hallek - Palm Springs, CA

My son Alan's accelerated growth left him with one leg longer than the other. We visited orthopaedic, chiropractic, and then finally a podiatrist. My son was tired of feeling ignored and looked forward to visiting Dr. Danciger as he spoke directly to him. Dr. Danciger was extremely thorough and attentive to Alan so that finally he felt his problem was being taken seriously. His professional manner and rapport with young teens is a definite plus.  After receiving orthosis, his problems were resolved.

N. Duteau - La Quinta, CA

What a nice newsletter...and by the way I was very pleased with the help you gave me.  My foot is feeling normal again. And though I just "picked you out of the yellow pages"' of the Desert Pages 2008  directory (I liked that you'd been practicing  for many years and mentioned "senior care"), I couldn't have been happier if I had had a personal referral.  Know that I would recommend you to anyone looking for podiatry care.

J.Walk, Cathedral City, CA

On different occasions, two podiatrists diagnosed and treated me for hammertoes by removing the lesion.  In each case the problem returned after 3-4 months.

In addition to removing the corn, Dr. Danciger prepared, as I watched, a small appliance which was placed under my affected toe.  The hammer toe pain has been gone for over 4 months.

I can recommend Dr. Danciger as the best podiatrist I have seen.

S.Weinstein - Palm Desert, CA

I am a patient of Dr. Danciger and I have had foot surgery and I am here to say that I am very pleased with this surgery.  Everything that Dr. Danciger said would happened did, right on time, almost to the minute. And I thank Dr Danciger very much for healing something that has bothered me for many years and I hope in the future that I will have no problem with it.  Thank you for doing such a very, very good job.

D.Scott - Palm Desert, CA