An Overlooked Injury From High Heels

Most people know that wearing high heels can cause damage to your feet.  However, most don’t realize how serious of an injury can result from the instability of a high heel. The higher the shoe and the narrower the heel, the more likely you are to put yourself at risk for a foot fracture.  A foot fracture can require surgery and a lengthy recovery.

Foot fractures of the midfoot can occur while wearing high heels due to the irregular position the foot is placed in the heel. If you take a misstep and fall while wearing heels, pain and swelling can likely indicate a midfoot fracture. Treatment for the injury involves immobilization and casting or surgery to realign the bones affected.

How can you protect your feet from such injury if you wear heels? If you can’t avoid your heel-wearing tendencies, Podiatrist Harvey Danciger recommends the following high heel safety tips to ensure your feet remain stable and protected.

  • Don’t ignore foot pain. If you recently took a fall and are experiencing pain and swelling, don’t assume it is just a mild sprain that can be taken care of with a little rest. Foot fractures are often mistaken for an ankle sprain, but if proper treatment isn’t enforced, the condition will only worsen. 
  • Alter your high heel choices. Alternating days between wearing high heels and wearing flats can give your feet the rest they need from those high stilettos. Or, look for a thicker heel or wedge, which will help keep your ankles stable.  Wearing a heel or wedge will make it less likely for a fall to occur.
  • Set up an appointment at our office. Dr. Danciger will properly evaluate and diagnose your condition so the right form of treatment can be prescribed. He can help you get back up on your feet, healthy and safe.

Don’t let your high heels cause an opportunity for a severe foot injury to occur. Visit our website for more information on how to keep your feet healthy and injury-free!

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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Dr. Harvey Danciger is a podiatrist and foot surgeon in Palm Desert, CA specializing in the foot and ankle
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