California Podiatrist Blogs About Current Leg and Foot Health Topics

Perhaps you recently suffered a sports-related injury. Perhaps your child broke his ankle on the school playground. Perhaps you want to learn more about the latest trends in running shoes. Perhaps you are bothered by arch pain. Perhaps you are worried about foot complications stemming from diabetes. Whatever your situation, we believe you will find something that addresses your concerns by reading our blog posts. Our blog is written by our knowledgeable California podiatry team to provide you with insights into the health issues you face.

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  • Pain While Running? It May Be a Stress Fracture A stress fracture can lead to foot pain while running or being active. Dr. Harvey Danciger provides expert treatment and advice on dealing with these symptoms.
  • Conditions Conducive for Metatarsal Surgery There are underlying conditions that can lead to undergoing metatarsal surgery. Learn what’s behind your metatarsalgia from Dr. Harvey Danciger.
  • Yoga for Shin Splints Yoga to stretch and strengthen leg muscles is a great way to help prevent recurrence of shin splints, says Harvey Danciger, DPM of Palm Desert, CA.
  • Yoga for Your Splints May Be the Answer for Your Leg Pain Harvey R. Danciger, DPM explains several yoga exercises that can be effective in helping with leg pain due to shin splints.
  • Preventing Ankle Problems Ankle problems often result in having to step off the field and spend time on the sidelines. Palm desert podiatrist Dr. Danciger offers tips in prevention.
  • Hate Injuries? Try Stretching. Stretching is the answer to preventing running injuries. It increases flexibility when done regularly and correctly. Being disciplined can keep you healthy.
  • Super Bowl Player Plays Game With Broken Foot Ahmad Bradshaw represents the NY Giants on the Super Bowl field despite the fact that he has a broken foot. No podiatrist would advice this.
  • Does Stretching Before Running Prevent Injury? Should runners really stretch? Testing hasn't found significant support. The question is still up for debate and hasn’t been medically peer reviewed.
  • Yoga Poses and Shin Splints Yoga poses may be the answer to keep your muscles stretched properly. Incorporate these three poses into your stretching routine.
  • Ankle Sprains, Boy Can They Hurt! One of the most common foot injuries, ankle sprains pose a serious problem to athletes and other people too. Don't get caught not knowing what to do about them.
  • Golfing Foot Pain Golf is popular in Coachella Valley and many golfers experience pain caused by neuromas, strained ankles, tendonitis, and even heel pain.
  • Stress Fractures- How They Can Hamper Your Goals Improper training is a common cause of stress fractures in athletes. Many people try to do too much too soon. It is important to wear the proper shoes.
  • Turf Toe, Huh? Anyone can get turf toe. Applingy a force that causes the big toe to extend beyond normal range of motion, the soft tissues can be injured and turf toe ensues.
  • Where Golfers Feel the Pain Coachella Valley golfers in California most often feel pain in the big toe joint, in their heels, and in their toes according to Dr. Harvey Danciger.