Bunion Blues

Proper Bunion CareAccording to government statistics, 4.4 million people report having bunions every year, a number that does not include all the Americans who neglect to report having bunions. These uncomfortable bumps can lead to more serious problems in the future. A bunion is a misalignment of one of the joints in the foot. The joint become angled and the big toe may start to overlap the second toe, causing even more discomfort.

Often times, bunions are an inherited trait; some foot types are more prone to develop bunions. Even though they are often inherited, there are still things that many people do every day to worsen the condition of their bunions. If you don't care about your feet at all, you wear whatever shoe you want--regardless of the effects they have on your feet. Women are at higher risk for developing bunions because of the types of shoes they often wear. High heels, for example, are some of the worst shoes you can wear if you have a foot type that's at risk for developing bunions.

High heels create an unnatural angle for feet to rest at. They put all of the weight and pressure on the front of the foot so that the foot is shoved into the toes of the shoe. The toes of high heels are often pointed and narrow, which puts extra pressure on all areas--especially the bunion. High heels aggravate the bunion and wearing them repeatedly will result in  pain and swelling in the bunion.

If you think you need a bunion checked out by a professional, do not hesitate to call Dr. Danciger's office to schedule an appointment!

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