California Podiatrist Blogs About Current Leg and Foot Health Topics

Perhaps you recently suffered a sports-related injury. Perhaps your child broke his ankle on the school playground. Perhaps you want to learn more about the latest trends in running shoes. Perhaps you are bothered by arch pain. Perhaps you are worried about foot complications stemming from diabetes. Whatever your situation, we believe you will find something that addresses your concerns by reading our blog posts. Our blog is written by our knowledgeable California podiatry team to provide you with insights into the health issues you face.

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  • Bunion Treatment Bunions are progressive deformities, which means they will only continue to worsen if left untreated. This can cause a lot of pain and keep you from your favorite activities, so a better option than not addressing the problem is to seek professional bunion treatment from Harvey Danciger, DPM in Palm Desert, CA.
  • Running with Bunions: Protect Yourself from Pain Running with bunions can be painful, but Dr. Harvey Danciger shares tips to keep you on track and keep bunions symptoms at bay.
  • How Men Get Bunions Yes, men get bunions too. Dr. Harvey Danciger in Palm Desert, CA talks about why this common foot deformity affects more than just women.
  • Why You Should Never Delay Bunion Care Bunions are a progressive condition, meaning without taking action they will only get worse, and harder to treat. Dr. Harvey Danciger explains.
  • Exercises You Can Perform at Home for Bunions Harvey Danciger, DPM of Palm Desert, CA shares favorite stretches and exercises to soothe bunion pain and prevent progression of the deformity.
  • Stretches and Exercises for Bunions Keeping your toes strong and flexible through exercise can help prevent bunions or relieve bunion pain, according to Harvey Danciger, DPM of Palm Desert.
  • The Pros and Cons of Bunion Surgery Like any elective procedure, there are pros and cons to getting bunion surgery. What should you choose? Harvey Danciger, DPM can help you decide.
  • Treatment for Bunionettes Bunionettes may be small, but you’d better treat them well—they can cause major pain and problems. Harvey Danciger, DPM gives you the scoop.
  • Tips for Relieving Tailor’s Bunion Pain Tailor’s bunion, a normal bunion’s “little brother,” can still cause big trouble. Dr. Harvey Danciger of Palm Springs, CA, offers tips for pain relief.
  • Managing Bunion Pain Painful bunions don't need to be a part of your daily life any longer. Try some of our methods for relieving bunion pain and discover how to remove them.
  • Dressing Up With Bunions Wearing narrow, high heeled shoes can speed up the development of bunions. Selecting the proper footwear for a night out is crucial in keeping feet healthy.
  • Walking with Bunions | Palm Desert Foot Pain Walking with bunions can be painful. Unfortunately the condition won't heal itself and proper care should be sought. Contact Palm Desert's Dr. Danciger, today!
  • Common Myths About Bunions Bunions can be a painful and hindering foot deformity. Palm Desert podiatrist, Dr. Harvey Danciger educates as to what is true and what is a myth about bunions.
  • Are There Exercises to Prevent Bunions? Stretching exercises help prevent bunions or slow down joint enlargement. Doing them regularly is most effective in preventing them according to Dr. Danciger.
  • Prevent Painful Bunions Genetics play a huge role in bunion development but shoes can play an even bigger role. Be sure to wear shoes that give your feet room to spread out.
  • Bunion Blues Although bunions are often inherited from previous generations, they can also be spurred on by poor footwear choices, especially in women.
  • What is that Big Red Bump on My Foot? A bunion, or Hallux Abducto Valgus, is an enlargement and mis-alignment of the big toe joint of the foot.The tendency to develop bunions can be hereditary.