Can cycling relieve your plantar fasciitis pain?

Plantar Fasciitis is the most common complaint when it comes to painful issues related to the foot. When the plantar fascia tissue band becomes overused and inflamed, the heel pain that results will most likely put a damper on any sport activity and can even affect your walking.

With the right form of treatment, plantar fasciitis can take up to several months or a year in order for the condition to fully heal and recover. Within that time, along with the treatment plan prescribed by your podiatrist, it’s important to keep your foot stretched and protected from further strain. The key to achieve this is to strengthen and exercise the affected foot.

How can you properly exercise your foot? Cycling may be the answer! Since cycling is a moderate-impact activity for the feet, it can be a beneficial activity to engage in for rehabilitation if you suffer with plantar fasciitis. However, make sure you get the approval from your doctor before performing the activity to ensure cycling won’t cause any complication for your specific condition.

For other recommendations to keep your plantar fasciitis affected foot stretched and strengthened, Podiatrist Harvey Danciger provides the following tips that will help relieve your foot pain as well.

  • Simple foot stretches. Stretching your feet several times each day, especially before cycling, will greatly reduce heel pain that is caused by plantar fasciitis. Sit on the floor with one knee bent. Gently pull your toes back toward your ankle and hold the position for a few seconds at a time.
  • Utilize your shoes. If you have plantar fasciitis, supportive shoes that are properly fit are critical. If you plan on cycling to treat your condition, you can invest in a pair of shoes specifically designed for cycling with plantar fasciitis that will protect the foot from arch collapse.

Strengthen and mobilize your feet the right way! Contact our office to set up an appointment with Dr. Danciger to find out if cycling could be a beneficial activity for your plantar fasciitis condition!

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