California Podiatrist Blogs About Current Leg and Foot Health Topics

Perhaps you recently suffered a sports-related injury. Perhaps your child broke his ankle on the school playground. Perhaps you want to learn more about the latest trends in running shoes. Perhaps you are bothered by arch pain. Perhaps you are worried about foot complications stemming from diabetes. Whatever your situation, we believe you will find something that addresses your concerns by reading our blog posts. Our blog is written by our knowledgeable California podiatry team to provide you with insights into the health issues you face.

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  • Paint El Paseo Pink Walk October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Desert Cancer Foundation is hosting the Paint El Paseo Pink Walk. Contact us to make sure your feet are ready!
  • Oprah's Chef Tackles Diabetes Oprah Winfrey's chef, Art Smith, suffers from one of America's most common diseases: type 2 diabetes. Thanks to a healthy diet, Art is doing much better.
  • NFL Ankle Injuries on the Rise Key football players this season have ankle injuries including Ronald Johnson, Jay Ratcliffe, Mario Fannin, and Pat Angerer. Know how to prevent!
  • Find a Marathon Worth Running Near You Many people put Marathon on their Bucket List. Have you researched marathon options? You want to choose the marathon that fits you and your running style.
  • Clayton Kershaw's Heel: Royal Pain Plantar fasciitis plagued the left heel of LA Dodgers professional baseball player, Clayton Kershaw. The injury is a threat to the team and Kershaw's career.
  • Is Your Christmas List Finished? Shop for your foot health this season by looking for shoes with adequate arch support, clipping your toenails correctly, and asking Harvey Danciger about feet.
  • James Blake: Hideous Feet Tennis player James Blake can attribute his hideous feet to years of intense tennis practice. Tennis is cosmetically hard on players feet.
  • Serena Williams Hates Tennis? Serena Williams admitted to not even liking the sport she's so successful at. She claims she's never liked it and doesn't understand how she's an athlete.
  • Diabetes Camp for Kids Children with Type 1 diabetes were invited to a camp in South Florida with Sam Fuld, a MLB outfielder, who also suffers from Type 1 diabetes.
  • New York Ad Takes Diabetes Awareness to the Extreme Cleo Berry is an overweight model in NYC whose picture was photoshopped to make him look like a diabetic with an amputation. NYC PSA ethics are questioned.
  • A Race No One Can Finish The Barkley Marathon in Tennessee is a race on foot that's 100 miles long. Only 8 participants have ever completed it in the last 25 years.
  • Alex Trebek: What is Achilles Tendon Problems? Alex Trebeck ruptured his Achilles tendon while he was chasing a burglar. It goes to show anyone, even someone educated, can suffer from Achilles problems.
  • Holiday Stress and Stress Fractures Carrying heavy loads of purchases while shopping in the mall can actually lead to fractures because of the added weight and undue pressure on feet.
  • What's all the hype about toning shoes? Studies have not shown any increased calories being burned with these shoes. They're causing the person to use different muscles at different times.