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Summer months usually mean time spent outdoors on the water, in the pool, on vacation or simply relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends. Although most of you look forward to the warm weather and long days of summer, those with type 2 diabetes risk their health when overexposed to the hot weather.

High temperatures and humidity make it difficult for a person with diabetes body to handle, which can lead to multiple health concerns. No matter what age you are, if you have diabetes you should take extra precaution when outside temperatures reach over 80 degrees. Studies have shown that people with diabetes are more likely to be hospitalized during hot weather due to complications related to the heat.

To make sure you’re taking precaution when it comes to hot summer days, Dr. Harvey Danciger would like to warn patients about the following diabetes health risks that commonly occur during the summer months. 

Diabetes and Dehydration

It’s always important to drink enough water during hot weather, whether you have diabetes or not.  However, those with diabetes face an increased chance of developing dehydration due to passing more urine when blood sugar levels are high and sweat added to the mix. If you’re planning on being outdoors on a hot day, make sure you have water or sugar-free beverages along with you. Also, avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol on hot summer days as these drinks can cause more fluids to be lost.

Diabetes and Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is another dangerous effect that hot and humid weather can have on your body. Symptoms of heat exhaustion include: dizziness, excessive sweating, muscle cramping, rapid heartbeat, and fainting. To prevent these symptoms, stay indoors or in air conditioning on hotter days.

Diabetes and Foot Health

When your feet are consistently hot and sweating during hot weather, you risk developing foot fungus. Make sure your feet and socks are dry at all times when you’re outdoors.  Also, protect them from burning by applying sunscreen when they are exposed to the sun.

Don’t let these health downfalls ruin your summer plans this season! More ways you can manage the heat and your diabetes includes:

  • Making sure your diabetic supplies are not left in your car, or exposed to heat. This can ruin them.
  • Exercise in air conditioning or cooler temperatures. In the morning or at night are great options.
  • Check your blood sugar levels often.

For more information about ensuring diabetes health over the summer, contact our office!

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