Exercising Your Toes

Stretch those toes to prevent future toe pain!Are you stuck in the exercise doldrums? What about trying a new adventure such as rock climbing? Joshua Tree National Park near Palm Springs, CA is a climber’s paradise and offers adventure for the beginner or the advanced enthusiast. It is a great whole body workout from your toes to the tips of your fingers, and it is a lot of fun.  Exercising your toes is actually really important, but you don’t need to venture out on a rock to make it happen.

Why bother exercising your toes? Your toes play a significant role in every movement you make. Since toes are critical for balancing and walking, keeping them strong and flexible is important. Strong toes are essential if you are involved in athletics on a regular basis, as sports put a lot of stress on your feet. Healthy feet and toes will be less apt to succumb to injury and will help in your performance. Another reason for exercising toes is if you are at risk for a toe deformity—or already see the symptoms starting. Hammertoes, claw toe and mallet toe, for example, are toe problems that often start out minor but cause toes to become rigid and painful over time. Stretching and strengthening your toes will keep muscles and ligaments in and around your toes loose and flexible. Lastly, stretching your toes to encourage a healthy spacing in between each one will help in preventing fungal infections such as Athlete’s foot.

A couple of exercise ideas include gently pulling up on your big toe, gently pushing your toes so they curl downward, and looping a towel around your toes while sitting and pulling it up until you feel a stretch. Still sitting, place ten marbles on the ground next to each foot. Use your toes to pick up one marble at a time and set it on the side of the opposite foot.

We have many more toe exercises to share, and offer effective treatment if you are living with toe pain or want to ensure your toes stay healthy long term. Call Harvey R. Danciger, D.P.M. today at (760) 568-0108 to make an appointment at our office in Palm Desert, CA. 

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