Feet Get Smaller With Weight Loss?

Just as our bodies can become larger or smaller with weight gain or loss, our feet are capable of increasing or decreasing in size as well. How is this possible? Weight gain, medication, and pregnancy are all factors that can affect the size of your foot, along with the genetic makeup.

Genetics play a main role in the making of how big or small your feet are due to the size of your parents’ feet. If your parents are taller with larger feet, you will most likely have bigger feet. If your parents are short or petite, you’ll tend to have smaller feet. This genetic makeup of bone structure in your feet will remain the same whether your feet enlarge or decrease in size throughout your life.

Medication you are taking might cause your feet to become larger. Check that you are taking the correct dosage. In some cases decreasing the amount of medicine you take will cause your feet return to their normal size. A swollen or large foot due to pregnancy is very common for women. After birth, foot size will return to their size pre-pregnancy.

Weight gain is a huge factor that can contribute to your feet getting bigger. Your feet store fat just like the rest of your body, so the more body fat your body is storing, the larger your feet can become. A large foot due to obesity is very unhealthy, as it is to the rest of your body. The good news is you can control this. It’s very important to establish healthy eating habits that reduce intake of fatty foods. Stick to lean meats, whole grains, and a good amount of fruits and vegetables. Exercise is a key component to reducing body fat including your feet. A balance of the two habits will ensure healthy weight loss and you will notice your feet becoming smaller with less fat being stored. One hour of physical movement each day will make sure your body stays in check and your feet stay fit! 

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