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Do you ever hear about marathon races and think those marathon runners must be crazy? Actually, marathon running has become more popular over the years and people are realizing both the benefits and worthy causes marathons can promote! Even celebrities are participating in marathons put on for fundraisers to raise money for different charities.  Reality television star, Audrina Patridge, was reported to have run in multiple races including the LA Marathon which benefitted “The Sunshine Kids” organization.

Not only will an endurance race like a marathon provide tremendous health benefits from training, but you can get involved with races put on around your area that will help benefit a worthy cause as well! Podiatrist Harvey Danciger provides these tips to help you get your search started for a great marathon race.  He also provides some reminders of what you should be expecting for your first big race.  

  • Research! You can’t participate in a marathon unless you know about the event and are registered first. Take the time to do some researching online for upcoming races that might interest you or are near your location.  Register for the event in advance so you can plan your training schedule leading up to the event.
  • Run for a cause you’re passionate about. With a long run like a marathon, it’s good to keep up your motivation to finish the race not only for yourself, but for the benefit of others as well. If you care about certain organizations, check and see if they are putting on a fundraising event that you can participate in or donate to.
  • Properly prepare. Now that you’ve registered for a great fundraiser, it’s time to prepare for the running part! No matter how much you run, you can’t expect to make it through the finish line without an adequate amount of training beforehand. Make arunning schedule and slowly increase your miles so your body won’t be pushed too far with risk for exhaustion and injury.

Make yourself a goal to lace up those running shoes and run for a great cause! Are there any marathon events that you participate in that benefit worthy organizations? Please share by commenting below!

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