Find new places to run this summer!

If you’re an avid runner, sometimes the same running route and location can become boring.  It can also leave you struggling to find the motivation to lace up those running shoes. However, with the summer season here, you can take advantage of opportunities to experience a different running pace. All you need to do is find new places to run, which can change up your normal running routine and leave you searching for more!

To get you and your running feet excited for change, Dr. Harvey Danciger offers the following tips to help you find a new running location.

  1. Going on vacation? Use a change of scenery to change up your running place as well. Whether you’re taking time off to travel east, north or south there are hundreds of great running routes on mountain trails, beaches, or cities that can offer you a change from your normal route. Take advantage of visiting a new city by researching online recommended running routes near the area. You won’t regret the opportunity to sight see your surroundings while getting your run in at the same time!
  2. Check the online database. USA Track & Field has  a whole database of running routes. Check it out for some fresh ideas or even draw a new route to add to their database!
  3. Ask local runners. Even if you aren’t traveling someplace different this season, there may be running trails in your local area you aren’t familiar with or haven’t tried out. Ask your running friends or check online for referenced running spots that look good for you to check out this summer.
  4. Incorporate simple changes into your weekly routine. If you are an inside treadmill runner, switch it up by finding a local running route to run outside and vice versa. Or if you usually run on pavement, try out trail running for a change of pace that is easier on your feet as well. A simple change of scenery from indoors to outdoors, or a changeup of running style, can keep you engaged and encouraged to keep up your running routine.

Don’t get bored with your same running routine this summer! Take advantage of new running locations available to you and you’ll be motivated to lace up those shoes in no time. Are there running routes in the area that you’ve enjoyed? Please share by commenting below!

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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Dr. Harvey Danciger is a podiatrist and foot surgeon in Palm Desert, CA specializing in the foot and ankle
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