California Podiatrist Blogs About Current Leg and Foot Health Topics

Perhaps you recently suffered a sports-related injury. Perhaps your child broke his ankle on the school playground. Perhaps you want to learn more about the latest trends in running shoes. Perhaps you are bothered by arch pain. Perhaps you are worried about foot complications stemming from diabetes. Whatever your situation, we believe you will find something that addresses your concerns by reading our blog posts. Our blog is written by our knowledgeable California podiatry team to provide you with insights into the health issues you face.

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  • Build Your Fallen Arches Back Up If fallen arches in your feet have your whole body sagging, build them back up with these stretches and exercises recommended by Harvey Danciger, DPM.
  • Relief for Flat Feet There are exercises and inserts that you can utilize to alleviate the pain from flat feet. Dr. Harvey Danciger of California explains how you can find relief.
  • Arch Enemy Chronic arch pain due to flat feet or fallen arches can be healed or relieved by custom orthotics from Coachella Valley podiatrist Harvey Danciger.
  • Extreme Flat Feet Flat feet aren't always a serious condition, but extreme cases can cause intense chronic pain. Dr. Danciger of Coachella Valley, CA can help.