California Podiatrist Blogs About Current Leg and Foot Health Topics

Perhaps you recently suffered a sports-related injury. Perhaps your child broke his ankle on the school playground. Perhaps you want to learn more about the latest trends in running shoes. Perhaps you are bothered by arch pain. Perhaps you are worried about foot complications stemming from diabetes. Whatever your situation, we believe you will find something that addresses your concerns by reading our blog posts. Our blog is written by our knowledgeable California podiatry team to provide you with insights into the health issues you face.

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  • Stress Fractures A stress fracture can lead to foot pain while running or being active. Dr. Harvey Danciger provides expert treatment and advice on dealing with these symptoms.
  • What to Expect from Ankle Surgery Recovery Dr. Harvey Danciger of Palm Desert, CA in Coachella Valley explains what his patients can expect about recovery and rehab after their ankle surgery.
  • Why Ankles Get Wobbly Repeated ankle sprains that don’t heal properly can lead to chronic instability and wobbling, according to Dr. Harvey Danciger in Palm Desert, CA.
  • Stretches for a Tight Achilles According to Dr. Harvey Danciger, several basic stretches can help you relax a tight Achilles tendon and strengthen your supporting muscles to relieve pain.
  • What You Do that Could Give You Achilles Tendinitis Doing too much, too soon, and using poor equipment are just two ways you might increase your risk of Achilles tendinitis, says Harvey Danciger, DPM.
  • The Problem with Chronic Ankle Pain after Big Injuries Even with proper treatment, chronic ankle pain can follow a big injury even years after the original problem. Dr. Harvey Danciger, DPM, of Palm Desert explains.
  • Soothe Ball of Foot Pain With Three Easy Tips Harvey R. Danciger, DPM in Palm Desert, CA explains that rest, icing and custom orthotics can help soothe ball of foot pain from metatarsalgia.
  • Preventing Falls with Stronger Ankles Falling down can cause a variety of injuries. Dr. Harvey Danciger of California shares ankle strengthening exercises that can help prevent falls.
  • Stretching Your Achilles Equals Preventing Injury Stretching the Achilles Tendon prior to engaging in activity can make all the difference when it comes to preventing serious injury to the strongest tendon.
  • Race Against Toe Pain Toe pain can put an immediate halt on your training plans for a race this winter. Contact us today for diagnosis and treatment to get you back on your feet!
  • Foot Injury When recovering from a foot or ankle injury, it is important to care for it properly at home. California foot specialist, Dr. Harvey Danciger offers tips.
  • Causes of Toe Pain Toe pain can be caused by several conditions and should never be ignored. Palm Desert podiatrist, Dr. Harvey Danciger can help diagnose and fix the problem.
  • Sesamoiditis - When Your Foot’s Pulley System Breaks Down When your foot's pulley system breaks down, it causes inflammation of the foot bones and is referred to as sesamoiditis. Repetitive activity can cause this.
  • Why Elevate an Injury? After experiencing a foot or ankle injury, it's essential to take the proper measures to avoid chronic pain. Elevating your injury is an important step!
  • Foot Injuries End David Gilbert’s Football Season On April 5th, 2013, Gilbert announced that he would be ending his career with the Badgers to give his foot time to heal. Preventing these injuries is key.
  • Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs of a Broken Toe! You will experience pain, swelling and stiffness following the injury. Bruising may become noticeable and the toe may look deformed or even bent in shape.
  • Ah! Another Ankle Pain Since ankle injuries are such a common occurrence, it’s important to keep foot care tips in mind. These tips lessen your risk of ankle injury happening to you.