Foot Collapses Overnight!

Foot Collapse FactsHave you known anyone who said they had their foot collapse overnight? They woke up and their foot was flat. They had pain on the inside arch area when they tried to stand and walk. Looking at the other foot, it appears normal.

This is a condition which could be caused by a dysfunction of the posterior tibial tendon (PT) or rupture of this tendon. This tendon runs along the inside of the ankle and into the medial or inside of the arch area of the foot. The PT tendon can be under repetitive stress with normal ambulation, if there are deformities in the foot which cause the foot to pronate (roll inward) excessively. Over time, the posterior tibial tendon can weaken and or tear, causing a collapse of the foot and arch.

Many times if the person tries to rise up on their toes, one leg at a time, they are unable to do this on the affected side and foot.

Ultrasonography and MRI can view the tendon and determine any tears or inflammation. Treatment is aimed at eliminating the pain and can be conservative with orthotics, physical therapy and or bracing. Surgery is sometimes needed if conservative measures are not enough relief. The sooner treatment is sought, the better the chance of success. Dr. Danciger has helped many patients with this condition.

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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