Foot Injuries End David Gilbert’s Football Season

David Gilbert came onto the University of Wisconsin Badger’s football team in 2009 as a highly recognized high school player. He quickly staked his claim and reputation as a highly valued defensive end player and then unfortunately sustained a season-ending broken foot injury in 2011.

Gilbert was able to come back and experienced a successful season in 2012, enjoying a career high while playing in the Rose Bowl. Unfortunately, the original foot injury continued to nag him with pain causing him to assess his ability to continue. On April 5th, 2013, Gilbert announced that he would be ending his career with the Badger’s to give his foot time to fully heal. Multiple injuries and surgeries continued to take a toll and after much discussion, Gilbert felt like no longer playing at UW was the best decision he could make. Gilbert gave his best to the Badger’s with 79 tackles, 14 ½ half tackles for a loss and 8 ½ sacks to his credit.

Foot Injuries in Football

Unfortunately, David Gilbert is not in the minority when it comes to injury. Foot and ankle injuries are very common in the sport of football due to the amount of running, tackling and starts and stops involved in the game. A fracture can develop due to acute trauma or over time from overuse. There are several complications that can arise from a broken foot. Gilbert experienced a re-injury as his foot broke a second time. Other complications include arthritis, bone infection, compartment syndrome and nerve or blood vessel damage.

Treatment for a broken foot will vary depending on the severity of your injury. For this reason, it is important to seek treatment as soon as an injury occurs to avoid further complications. Dr. Harvey Danciger, foot specialist in Palm Desert, CA treats athletes in all sports and can provide you with the foot care necessary to keep you in the game. Contact our podiatric office today for help. Call (760) 568-0108 or visit our homepage.

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