Tips for Caring for Your Injury at Home

Let’s face it - things don’t always work as well with age. A car breaks down after years of use, our eyes often don’t see like they used to, and it doesn’t take much for aches and pains to appear. An injury can happen over time, or in an instant. Trying a new exercise that your body wasn’t ready for, or taking on too much yard work in a day, can leave you suffering.

So, what is the best way to care for an injury at home? There are times when you should be going straight to a doctor for help. However, for more minor cases, there are some easy tips that can be very effective in jumpstarting the healing process when done quickly and effectively.

For self-care of minor injuries, the RICE method of treatment is a great first line of defense. It stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. A muscle strain, ankle sprain, or bruised area can benefit with this treatment. Rest gives damaged tissues time to repair – a key element in the healing process. Icing for 15-20 minutes every few hours reduces pain, swelling, inflammation, and slows bleeding. An elastic compression bandage also helps with inflammation, and then elevation allows excess fluid to drain, which also keeps swelling down.

Studies have also shown that yoga can help with lower back pain, and cinnamon and flaxseed can help prevent muscle spasms. An ointment with the herb calendula can speed healing on a blister.

If you have sustained a foot or ankle injury and symptoms last beyond a couple of days or worsen, skip home treatments and contact our office in Palm Desert, CA before something minor becomes major. Call Dr. Harvey Danciger at (760) 568-0108, or visit us online to make an appointment today.

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