Foot Pain--What to do when it hurts

With so many different conditions and problems associated with foot pain, it can be overwhelming to know when to take action and what to do for feet that are subject to chronic pain. With any type of persistent foot pain, your first action should be to see Podiatrist Harvey Danciger as soon as possible.  He can evaluate your foot condition and determine the right form of treatment before the problem becomes worse.

But before you pick up the phone, Dr. Danciger breaks down the most common foot pain conditions and the best treatment options to help alleviate symptoms.

Arch Pain:

When the plantar fascia along the heel bone is overstretched, inflammation and arch pain can result with what is called plantar fasciitis. To help control the pain, calf muscle stretching, arch supports, orthotics and anti-inflammatory medication may be useful. For severe cases, cortisone injections may be considered.


Joint pain and arthritis of the foot can be treated in multiple ways, which include physical therapy, exercise, massages, orthotics, medication or vitamin supplements to nourish joints and bones.

Ball of the foot pain:

Calluses are the most common source of pain on the ball of the foot. Carefully trimming or shaving the callus, extra padding added to shoes to remove pressure and using shoe orthotics, can all be of use to treat calluses and prevent them from developing.


The enlarged joint on the side of the big toe can create irritation and discomfort, especially when rubbed against tight fitting shoes. To treat painful bunions, wearing a proper fit of shoe with protective pads to cushion the area is recommended. Also, avoid wearing high heeled shoes to prevent the condition from worsening.

Ankle pain:

Persistent pain on the outer side of the ankle that occurs after an injury most likely is associated with a sprained ankle. Physical therapy, an ankle brace, steroid medication, or immobilization, are common treatments.

No matter what type or location you’re having foot pain, don’t ignore it! Let us help you alleviate your pain and help restore your foot health, call Dr. Danciger today!

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