Halt and Manage Nerve Pain in Feet and Ankles

Managing nerve painNo one likes burning, tingling, aching, shocking, numb, or painful feet and ankles. Sometimes there’s an obvious cause—if you’ve been sitting cross-legged or standing in place for a long time, for example—but if you notice symptoms without a clear physical antecedent, there’s a good chance you might be suffering from some damage to your peripheral nerves.

That said, you do have options—both professional treatment and at-home care—to help you minimize and manage pain while slowing the progression of damage.

  • Management of an underlying condition, such as diabetes. Neuropathy in the hands and feet is often linked to diabetes, as out-of-control blood sugar levels can directly damage nerve health. Keeping your sugar at appropriate levels can also halt neuropathy progression.
  • Exercise and physical therapy. Low-impact cardio (like swimming or cycling) is a great way to increase nutrient and blood flow to nerves without putting too much stress on them. We do recommend you see us or your regular doctor before devising any exercise program, though.
  • Wash, dry, and thoroughly inspect feet daily. When nerves are damaged, you can’t always rely on pain to tell you when something’s wrong. Keeping them clean and checking them every day can help catch nicks, scrapes, and injuries before they have time to get worse.
  • Professional care. The earlier you seek an expert like Dr. Harvey Danciger for medical intervention, the better, as this will help you halt the damage before it becomes severe. Effective options we provide in our office include laser therapy, anti-inflammatory medications and injections, and orthotic shoe inserts designed to relieve pressure on your feet. We can also consider surgical intervention if symptoms do not respond to conservative care.

For the best foot and ankle care in the Coachella Valley—whether your issue is nerve-related or not—visit Dr. Harvey Danciger in Palm Desert, CA. Reach out to our staff to request an appointment online, or give us a call at 760-568-0108.

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