High Arches and Foot Pain

Painful Results of High Arches

The McDonalds golden arches logo is etched in our history – easily recognized, as are the Nike and Coca-Cola swooshes. Did you know that due to strict regulations that protect its picturesque scenery, the McDonalds in Sedona, AZ actually has a blue letter M as its sign? This and the one in Paris, France are the only two of 31,000 locations around the world that have departed from the traditional golden color.

In switching gears to another arch – when your feet have high arches, they may not feel so golden. An overly high arch, which is typically hereditary, can be quite painful and cause injury over time. This condition, sometimes called “hollOrthotics offer a common form of conservative treatment. ow” or “claw” foot, is most commonly caused by a form of muscular dystrophy, called Charcot Marie Tooth disease. This disease affects muscles and nerves, causing some to weaken while others remain strong. This muscle imbalance is what causes the deformity to progress and for the abnormal arch to take shape.

Sore feet, claw toes, calluses, ankle instability, and stress fractures are symptoms and injuries that can develop as a result of having high arches. If you have feet with this type of structure, take action to protect your feet from future problems. At our office in Palm Desert, CA we can provide corrective shoes, custom orthotic inserts, cushioning pads to relieve areas of pressure, and braces. If needed, we can correct the problem with surgery.

Contact us with any questions. Dr. Harvey Danciger will diagnose your current foot pain or find proactive treatment to prevent problems before they start. Reach us by phone at (760) 568-0108 to make an appointment today, or visit us online for more foot and ankle information.

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Dr. Harvey Danciger is a podiatrist and foot surgeon in Palm Desert, CA specializing in the foot and ankle
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