High-Tech Healing for Plantar Fasciitis: Laser Therapy

Heal your heel pain with laser technology!

In science fiction, lasers are used frequently as weapons, designed to blast and destroy. In spy films, they are used as cutting tools, shearing through thick metal bulkheads to access top-secret laboratories. They also read the data on your DVD or Blu-Ray. In current medicine, lasers are probably best known to the public in procedures such as LASIK eye surgery, but did you know lasers can also be used to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation? Dr. Harvey Danciger uses a laser device at his Palm Desert, CA office to treat just about any painful foot or ankle condition, including plantar fasciitis—the leading cause of heel pain.

This is not a laser like in Star Wars or even like in eye surgery. This laser doesn’t cut, it won’t scar or cause any pain, and there are no known side effects. It simply uses light as a tool to help your body rebuild itself. MLS Laser Therapy invigorates your body’s cells to engage in healthful, healing activity. The beams penetrate deep into the skin and activate increased metabolism and protein synthesis, fighting inflammation and reducing pain. It can even help wounds close more quickly and restore nerve functions.

This can be a revelation for long-time suffers of stubborn heel pain related to plantar fasciitis. In this condition, the plantar fascia—a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of the foot, connecting heel to toes and supporting the arch—becomes stretched and ragged from overuse, with micro-tears appearing all over the surface. This leads stiffness and sometimes stabbing pain in the heel, especially in the morning when you first put pressure on your foot.

The laser stimulates an anti-inflammatory affect in the aching heel, and instructs the cells to repair torn tissues faster. When combined with traditional rehab methods, laser therapy can greatly accelerate the healing process for plantar fasciitis, decreasing the risk of re-injury and providing long-sought relief. Many patients report substantial improvement in as few as 1-3 brief, 10-minute sessions.

If you’re suffering from stubborn pain that just won’t go away, call Dr. Harvey Danciger at (760) 568 – 0108 to set up an appointment at our Palm Desert, CA office. We serve the greater Coachella Valley area with the latest in high-tech, high-quality foot care. Stop by our office and see if laser therapy can work for your stubborn heel pain.

Photo Credit: How Soon Ngu via unsplash.com

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