How well do your running shoes fit?

How well do you really know the fit of your running shoe? You may be an avid runner who has a go-to pair of running shoes that you always wear for your routine; however, you may be one of the many dedicated runners who suffer from foot injury due to improper fitting shoes. To make sure your running shoes aren’t causing your feet pain or complications, Podiatrist Harvey Danciger offers these helpful shoe fit tips for before, during, and after you select a pair to use.

Before you shop for a pair of running shoes, make sure you perform the following:

1. Try on the pair of shoes you’re considering buying with the pair of socks you plan on wearing while running. Remember different socks can alter the fit.

2. Try on running shoes later in the day when feet are at their largest.  Swelling to your feet occurs throughout the day.

During your shoe shopping event, keep these facts in mind:

1.  As you grow older, your feet grow as well. Have your feet accurately measured once a year or each time you buy a new pair.

2. Running shoes typically run at least a half size smaller than normal shoes.  You should consider going up a size for running shoes.

3. It’s common for one foot to be a slightly different size than the other. Fit the larger foot if that’s the case.

Once you have the perfect fit of shoe and before you hit the trail, keep in mind these suggestions:

1. Give your feet time to adjust to the new shoes. Instead of starting off running right away in them, walk around casually first.

2. If your shoes hurt your feet while you’re walking around, they will hurt even more on the run. Return them for a new size or different shoe before any painful problems arise on the road.

Make sure you and your running shoes are in perfect sync with the right fit that will benefit your run by following the above tips. If you’ve been suffering from a foot injury or problem due to your running habits, please contact our office to set up an appointment with Dr. Danciger.  He can properly evaluate and treat your condition.

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Dr. Harvey Danciger is a podiatrist and foot surgeon in Palm Desert, CA specializing in the foot and ankle
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