Helping Kids with Ingrown Toenails

It’s tough to see a child in pain, as any parent or grandparent can attest. Fortunately, most of the nicks and scrapes they do accumulate tend to be of the “boo-boo” variety—a kiss from mom, a bandage, and a little time is often the ideal treatment. However, it may be tougher to know what to do when a child is struggling with an ingrown toenail, a condition in which the side of a nail begins digging into the soft surrounding skin.

Ingrown toenails can be painfulIngrown toenails can develop quickly. If left untreated, they frequently cause significant pain and can even get infected, leading to oozing and pus. Naturally, you’ll want to take action quickly to spare your little one the discomfort.

If you manage to identify the problem early enough, some D.I.Y. care may be a sufficient remedy. Try soaking your child’s feet in warm salt water two or three times each day for about 20 minutes per session. Afterward, you can slide a piece of dry cotton under the corner of the nail to relieve pressure and encourage upward growth.

The safest solution, though, is to take your child to see Dr. Danciger, especially if there is significant pain or an active infection. After an initial assessment, we’ll likely perform a simple procedure right in our office to remove the ingrown portion of the nail, drain any discharge, and bandage your little one back up.

Don’t worry! The procedure is usually painless and does not require general anesthesia, just a little bit of local anesthetic to numb the toe. Your child has nothing to fear and will be out the door soon, although you will get some follow-up care instructions you’ll have to over in order to prevent infection and promote healing.

If your little one has an ingrown toenail, help is just a phone call away. Dr. Harvey Danciger has been helping kids and adults alike with toenail issues for many years, and can help your family, too. To schedule an appointment, visit us in Palm Desert, call 760-568-0108, or submit an online request form today.

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