James Blake: Hideous Feet

Most of the tennis players we see on TV are gorgeous: beautiful tan skin, toned muscles, nice clean clothes. But have you ever seen their feet? Probably not. That's because tennis players have some of the most abused feet in the world, right after ballet dancers.

Tennis players like James Blake are gorgeous...except for those things in his tennis shoes. Bunioned, blistered, and callused, James Blake's feet are far from manicured. Many other players also suffer with toenail problems: cracked toenails, blackened toenails, ingrown toenails, missing toenails, the list goes on.

It makes sense when you think about the game of tennis. Players have to be quick on their feet, constantly changing direction, stopping and starting. Their toes are constantly being shoved into the front of their shoes. Jim Courier, a former world No. 1 (1991), could go through as many as 5 pairs of tennis shoes in a tournament. Foot pressure is a serious thing. Tennis matches nowadays are often delayed so trainers can reapply baby powder and adjust medical tape so players' feet can go another hour.

Foot pain doesn't just occur in tennis players though. If you engage in physical activities 2-3 times a week, your feet could quite possibly be subject to damaging pressure. Inspect your feet or have them examined by a podiatrist like Harvey Danciger.

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