Kids Playground No-No's

Kids are incredible when it comes to play time, they’re so full of energy that they could play for hours on end. With school starting up in a couple weeks, they’re going to have lots of playground time with their friends and kids know how to push their limits on the playground. In order to keep your child safe, Dr. Danciger suggests following these easy tips and talking about them with your kids:

  • Visit the playground in advance. Look over the equipment and get an idea of what kind of shape it’s in. Look for safety hazards like rust or sharp edges. Broken equipment should also raise a red flag. If there are any safety concerns, contact the school about it and point them out to your child so they know to steer clear.
  • Establish “safe zones” based on your child’s age and size. Make it clear that they’re not ready for certain equipment yet so they should stay away from it. Schools will sometimes have zones for age groups as well; check in with the school to make sure your rules line up with their rules for your child.
  • Make wardrobe adjustments. Sweatshirt hoods with drawstrings can become strangulation hazards. Shoe strings can also be a tripping hazard if they’re too long for your child’s shoe. Be sure to purchase shoe strings that are designed for smaller shoes to prevent tripping and shoe-tying problems. 
  • No rough-house rule. Playing tag or cops and robbers are both fun and easy games, but make sure your child knows that pushing and shoving are not okay. Establish a no-rough playing rule.
  • As always, make sure your child has supportive footwear. Shoes should have a sturdy structure in the ankle to offer proper stability and prevent ankle sprains and twists. Make sure to buy shoes in the afternoon because feet can swell throughout the day.
  • Have fun! Let your kids be silly and enjoy the playground, but let them do it safely. Follow these tips to help them stay safe and have fun.

Watch for abnormalities in your child’s feet such as ingrown toenails or flat feet. If your child complains of foot pain, don’t ignore it. Dr. Danciger is an expert at treating all types of foot pain; call his office today to have your child’s feet examined.

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