Laser Therapy: A New Weapon Against Neuropathy

Once upon a time—not so long ago, in fact—peripheral neuropathy was widely considered to be basically untreatable.

Sure, you could take medications for the pain, and they might help for a little while. And you could start exercising, eating right, cutting out smoking, and taking other steps to keep it from getting worse—or at least slow the rate at which it does.

But little by little, month after month, year after year, things would slowly get worse.

Intermittent tingling becomes constant pain. Then the pain gets worse. Then you start to lose all feeling whatsoever.

In the meantime, you might lose your ability to drive, or go on hikes, or camping trips with your friends.

But not anymore!

Laser Therapy Is Changing the Game

At our office, we are using a cutting-edge piece of technology called the MLS laser system to treat patients with peripheral neuropathy.

Although this treatment option is often associated with soft tissue injuries like tendinitis and plantar fasciitis (and we use it for these and other conditions as well), one of the most exciting and game-changing uses of the technology is for people with neuropathy.

Even if you’ve been suffering from neuropathy and been on pain medications for 10 years or more, you may find that laser treatments are able to restore nerve function and reduce or even eliminate your reliance on painkillers after just a few weeks.

If that sounds too good to be true, we invite you to watch Gary’s testimonial. His results are not at all unusual!

How Does It Work?

Conventional neuropathy treatments—essentially medications—are really just to help you manage pain. But laser therapy is different.

At certain, specific wavelengths, the light carries energy that can penetrate into injured tissues, and then be used by those tissues to power cellular activity. This produces a number of significant biological benefits.

Pain relief is, of course, one of the most obvious of these benefits as far as neuropathy is concerned. But that’s not where it ends. Laser therapy also helps ease tissue inflammation that may be constricting nerves in the legs and feet. And, crucially, it also boosts circulation to the extremities, meaning that peripheral nerves start getting a much better supply of oxygen and key nutrients.

As a result, for many people who undergo this treatment, nerves can begin to start repairing themselves, and nerve function improves. As we said earlier, it is often the case that reduced pain and restored sensation allows you to go off medications for longer periods of time, and safely return to some or all of your previous favorite activities.

What Can I Expect?

Laser therapy is one of the most exciting and effective treatment options to come around for neuropathy in a long time, and a majority of patients do experience noticeable improvement.

That said, it’s important to have a clear and realistic set of expectations. The full effects of nerve damage cannot always be reversed, and even the most advanced treatments available can’t make you feel like you’re 25 again.

Everyone responds differently to treatment, but the best advice we can give you is not to wait until your neuropathy pain (or numbness) are severe before you seek our help. The earlier you take steps to get treatment and make changes in your overall lifestyle (exercise, diet, managing underlying conditions, etc.), the better your range of possible outcomes will be.

As for a treatment session itself, it tends to be relatively brief (30 minutes or less) and completely painless—with no medications or downtime necessary. Sessions are usually scheduled three times per week for a total of ten treatments.

It may take up to 6 or 7 sessions on average before you really start feeling the results—although, as we said, every person responds to treatment a little differently. The important thing to remember is that the effects of treatments are cumulative, meaning that once it really starts working, you’ll keep feeling better and better after each session.

So, if you are suffering from neuropathy—even if you’ve been discouraged in the past by symptoms that keep getting worse and treatments that haven’t been able to help—please pick up the phone and give us a call.

We will do everything in our power to help you restore as much nerve function as possible, so that you can live the lifestyle you want to live once again. Dial (760) 568-0108 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment with Dr. Danciger in Palm Desert, CA today.


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