Needle-Free Insulin in Near Future?

The Basics of Diabetes and Insulin

Diabetes is a disease that impairs the body’s ability to produce insulin, which results in high blood glucose levels. Insulin is actually a hormone. When you eat, your body has to break down sugars and starches into glucose, which is the fuel you need for basic energy for daily living. Insulin is necessary for this process to happen. It takes the sugars from your blood and gets it into your cells. When there is no insulin produced to do this, glucose can build up in your system, resulting in the complications associated with diabetes.

There are several categories within diabetes. One of the more rare forms is type 1 diabetes, with about 5% of diabetics having this form. With type 1 diabetes, often called juvenile diabetes, the body does not produce insulin at all. Type 2 is the most common form of diabetes and with this form, the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or the body’s cells ignore it.

There are about 26 million adults and children in the United States living with diabetes. Each and every one of those people could attest to the importance of insulin in their lives and probably also to the experience of living with injections. Insulin unfortunately cannot be taken in pill form. It must be injected to get into your blood or it would be broken down during digestion.

As research continues to prevent, treat and cure this disease, a promising advancement is with needle-free insulin. There are some Australian scientists devoted to learning about how insulin binds to cells in the hopes of finding ways to deliver insulin outside of injection. The results are promising and could be paving the way for needle-free insulin in the near future.

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