New York Ad Takes Diabetes Awareness to the Extreme

Cleo Berry of New York  is a struggling actor who took a job to posing for stock photos for $500. He was shocked when he found out his picture was being used for a public service campaign to raise awareness for dangers and high risks of type 2 diabetes in New York City. What was even more shocking was what was missing in the print ad: his leg.

The campaign was used to emphasize how consuming too much fast food or sugary sodas can lead to diabetes and the amputation of limbs. Berry was astonished to find the company had used Photoshop to crop out his right leg, making it look like he had an amputation. They even had added crutches in the background. Berry supported New York City’s efforts to educate people about the risk of developing diabetes, but he disagreed with the use of a manipulated picture of an able-bodied person, instead of a picture of a real victim suffering with diabetes.

A spokesman for the health department stated, “This issue isn’t about one actor but rather the 700,000 New Yorkers who struggle with diabetes, which kills 1,700 people a year and causes amputations in another 3,000. Advertising to warn the public about health concerns saves lives, and we will continue our efforts to warn New Yorkers about diabetes.”

Although the misunderstanding between Berry and the New York advertising company is complicated, the underlying purpose of the advertisement is true and beneficial for society to know about. Eating high calorie or high-sugar foods will increase your risk of developing diabetes. Obesity is a huge determining factor when it comes to risk of developing type 2 diabetes. You put your health at risk by consuming unhealthy foods, you also risk damage to your feet. Diabetics have poor circulation throughout their feet which is called neuropathy. This causes blockage of blood flow and circulation decreases to the point where amputation may be necessary.

To prevent this tragic end, make sure you maintain a healthy weight and diet, whether you have diabetes or to lower your risk of developing the disease. Over 25 million Americans have diabetes. By health departments spreading awareness of the risks and dangers of the disease, hopefully we can help prevent this number from increasing.

If you’d like to get more information about the risks and dangers of diabetes, please call our office.

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