NFL Ankle Injuries on the Rise

Although the National Football League (NFL) season has only just started, ankle injuries have already cost several valuable players a lot, if not all, of their season to be spent on the sidelines. Key football players from across the country including Ronald Johnson of the Eagles, Jay Ratliff of the Cowboys, Mario Fannin of the Broncos, and Pat Angerer of the Colts. Each of these players has suffered from ankle trauma during their preseason games that have resulted in recovery time that will keep them out of the game supporting their team.

Football is a high impact sport where ankle injuries and other foot complications can easily occur, especially in a high level and intense NFL game. Though an ankle injury can occur in a split moment with the slightest misstep or tackle, there are several ways in which you can help protect and strengthen your ankles to make them less susceptible for an injury occurrence to ruin your sport season this year.

Podiatrist Harvey Danciger has treated many ankle injuries due to sports and informs his patients about the importance of maintaining foot protection during sport activity. Before you hit the field, consider these tips to achieve proper ankle protection:

1. Condition your muscles for the sport. If you’re starting out on any sport team, make sure you’ve given your body time to gradually adjust to the level of physical activity before jumping into action. Muscles that aren’t properly trained will increase your risk for an overuse injury.

2. Wear the athletic shoe designed for your sport. Investing in proper footwear is crucial to provide the right amount of protection and support where your feet need it most during action.

3. Never ignore the pain. If you’re experiencing foot or ankle pain from any sport, don’t endure it! Stop playing immediately and rest and ice the affected area. If pain persists, seek medical attention to be properly treated.

No athlete wants to miss out on their season. Make sure yours isn’t wasted due to an ankle injury! Contact our office to set up an appointment with Dr. Danciger to ensure your foot is properly taken care of so you can get back on the playing field as quickly as possible.

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