Orthotics Can Help Athletes With Foot Pain

There is no question that sports and other physical activities can take a toll on your feet. Strains on your foot muscles, bones, or tendons from sports can cause pain, soreness and even occasional injury. Although stretching and proper fitting shoes can help prevent pain and injury, severe foot pain from sports may require a device. If you are suffering from painful foot problems from your athletic activities, orthotics may be the answer to help cure your pain.

Custom orthotics are highly recommended in some cases and they are quite common for anyone experiencing foot dysfunction that creates chronic pain, especially in athletes. Orthotics are designed to help keep your foot in proper position by supporting your natural gait that may otherwise cause fracture or strain to your foot. Orthotics control your movements and guide your feet so that joints, tendons and muscles are kept aligned and working properly during foot movements. 

With the added foot support from orthotic inserts, athletes can decrease their chances of a foot injury.  Orthotics can help avoid common foot problems such as bunions, tendonitis, heel spurs and even plantar fasciitis.

How can you go about getting orthotics? If you’re experiencing foot problems due to foot abnormalities from a sports activity, podiatrist Dr. Harvey Danciger can evaluate your overall foot movement and determine what orthotic appliance will be the most beneficial in alleviating your foot pain. Custom orthotics are made of flexible material that can be inserted into your shoe to be worn when you participate in order for your foot muscles and tendons to perform at their best.

To keep you safe from sports related foot injury and pain; consider being fitted for custom shoe orthotics. Call our office today to set up an appointment with Dr. Danciger and let us help keep you participating in the sports you love without suffering from foot pain or risk of injury! 

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