How to Manage Overpronation Issues

If you’ve been running for a while—or playing sports—you’ve probably heard a lot about pronation, specifically overpronation. When you walk or run, your foot has to roll inward a little bit to cushion the impact and transfer your weight forward. The ideal amount of roll is about 15 to 20 degrees, but people with feet that roll more than that—in some cases much more—are very common. In fact, overpronators probably outnumber “normal” pronators, at least in the athletic community.

Overpronation is not an “injury” or a “deformity” in and of itself, exactly, but it can make you much more susceptible to developing pain and injury (shin splints, plantar fasciitis, etc.) as a result of activity. That’s why it’s important to manage any problems well, especially if you have a severe case.

Shoe choice is your first line of defense against overpronation issues. You’ll want a stability shoe that’s constructed a little more rigidly, particularly in the heel and midsole. A tough midsole in particular resists compression, which in turn will discourage your feet from over-flattening or rolling too far inward. A little extra arch support is also handy, since many people who overpronate tend to have flatter-than-average feet.

More severe overpronation may require some technological assistance. In some cases, an off-the-shelf shoe insert may help. In others, custom orthotics, which are specially crafted to your specific foot shape from measurements we take in our office, will be your best choice for restoring a healthy balance and motion to your gait.

Finally, sometimes the problem lies elsewhere—for example, insufficient range of motion in the ankle. In such cases, stretching and physical therapy might be recommended as an alternative.

Our office is committed to keeping you healthy, active, and pain free—whether you run 10 miles a day, just need to get around town, or fall anywhere in between. Let Dr. Harvey Danciger evaluate your pronation style and develop the best approach to overcoming any related issues. To schedule an appointment with us in Palm Desert, CA, call 760-568-0108 today.

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