Paula Deen Has Diabetes

One of television’s most popular and well known southern cooking chefs, Paula Deen, announced she has Type 2 diabetes. Deen is known for her southern meals that are heavy with butter, cream, and salt-typical comfort food. Viewers have been watching her cooking show on the Food Network, Paula’s Home cooking, for years. With her southern accent and personality, she has become a household name. 

After having been diagnosed with the disease for two years, Deen is now taking on a new persona-one of a healthier lifestyle. Keeping this secret from the media and viewers has caused some outrage. Some people think it hypocritical that she kept promoting fatty recipes while knowing that they are unhealthy, especially for someone with her condition. Paula defends herself, claiming that while she won’t cut out her classic southern ingredients completely, she will cut back on the portions included. “It’s all about moderation,” says Deen.

Although many may think that due to her eating habits, it’s no surprise she developed diabetes, this fact is not the only cause. It can be possible to eat your way to getting the disease, and having a diet that consists mainly of fat-butter, cream, and deep fried foods definitely contributes. Along with food habits, heredity is another main component of developing diabetes. Southern comfort food isn’t entirely to blame for Paula Deen’s condition.

Along with introducing smaller proportions of fatty foods or ingredients in her recipes, Deen is also promoting a drug called Victoza, which is a noninsulin injectable medicine. Along with the medication, exercise and eating lighter is encouraged. Paula Deen’s words of encouragement and advice for taking food in moderation, is a great recommendation for all diabetes inhabitants to take into account. Paula’s positive attitude about having the disease will be inspiration for the large percentage of Americans who have diabetes as well as for her viewers that will continue to support her.

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