Prevent Painful Bunions

Bunions are one of the most common foot deformities. Genetics play a big role in bunion development, but shoes play an even bigger role. Women are much more commonly affected by bunions  than men because of their shoes. Even though men are just as likely to be genetically prone to bunions, they develop them much less because men's shoes are not as bad for feet as women's shoes.

Ladies: stop picking shoes based on style alone. There are plenty of shoes out there that are both stylish and healthy for your feet. High heeled shoes mold your foot into a position that encourages bunion growth, pointing the big toe toward the second toe. All shoes that have pointy, tight toes are less healthy for feet.

Surgery may fix bunions at first, but if your lifestyle does not change, the bunion will return. Before considering bunion surgery, the best thing to do is to make changes to your daily life and see if the symptoms from the bunion subside. It doesn't mean that you have to wear the big orthopedic shoes, it just means that you should find shoes that are more supportive of your feet, like tennis shoes or supportive sandals (not the plastic flip flops).

Dr. Danciger can answer any questions relating to bunions and analyze your bunion to determine whether or not surgery is the best treatment option.

For more information on bunion prevention or living with a bunion, visit our website here.

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