Preventing Blisters at the Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade

Golf course with golf cartWhat started as a “Christmas in July” event for a couple of individuals who just wanted to have fun has turned into a world-famous event that draws almost 30,000 spectators. This year, the Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade is turning 50! Watch decades of parades unfold before your eyes for the special 50th anniversary theme: Palm Desert on Parade through the Decades - ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, and Present Day. Because of how much walking you’ll be doing, preventing blisters is something that should go into your planning for the big day.

With all those golf carts around, you might think you’ll be able to hitch a ride and avoid walking altogether. Think again! The solution is simple: wear well-fitting shoes. Make sure you have cushioned, stable footwear, like a pair of running shoes that allows you to walk comfortably when you take each step. If your shoes are too small, you’re going to get blisters.

Don’t forget good socks! A synthetic, well-fitted pair of socks will wick moisture, reduce friction, and prevent these pesky skin sores. You can always wear two pairs if you want to double the amount of friction protection.

Make sure you keep your feet dry when you slip your soles into the shoes. You can do this by drying your feet thoroughly after a shower and powdering your heels, arches, and the spaces between your toes before you get walking.

Last, and certainly not least, don’t forget your lawn chairs for the parade! The 50th Annual Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade starts at 1 PM on Sunday, October 26 westbound on El Paseo from San Luis Rey to Ocotillo. See you there!

If you need help with preventing blisters, please call Harvey R. Danciger, DPM, at (760) 568-0108. Our Palm Desert, CA, office is also available on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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