The Art of Preventing Dry Feet

A great moisturizer can help keep skin healthyIf you have an eye for art and beauty, then the next El Paseo Art Walk on December 5 is something to take advantage of. El Paseo’s art galleries will be open from 4:00-8:00 PM, providing access to a wide range of pieces and special events. When it comes to maintaining your own artfulness and beauty, dry feet can be a flaw in your masterpiece. Follow these tips to keep your feet supple and smooth.

Feet naturally dry out faster than the rest of our body because they have fewer oil glands. Picking up the slack with a regular moisturizing routine can combat the dryness and prevent cracked feet. Creams containing urea, salicylic acid, or lactic acid are often effective. Natural ingredients such as butter milk, coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax can also enhance the moisturizing effect. Either way, the best time to apply a moisturizer is after showering or bathing, when your feet have come into contact with water.

Other ways to prevent dry feet include avoiding situations that may draw moisture from your feet. Do not wash too frequently, and avoid fragrant soaps or bathing luxuries that may dry your skin. Saunas and steam baths can also cause your feet to dry out, so keep away.

Keeping your body’s liquid levels up is also important. Be sure to drink plenty of water, but try to reduce your intake of alcohol and caffeine. These substances are diuretics, which cause you to deplete more water over time. Prevent your feet from losing moisture due to excess sweat by wearing shoes that allow them to “breathe.”

If you’re having trouble managing your dry feet, Dr. Harvey Danciger, DPM is here to help you find the underlying causes and apply the best treatments. Schedule an appointment at our Palm Desert office by calling (760) 568-0108.

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