How would you feel racing alongside the mayor of your city? Steve Pougnet, mayor of Palm Springs, CA would love to see you out on January 11th, 2014 for the Healthy Planet Healthy You Race, Swim and Wellness Festival. This race, suitable for every age, will show you downtown, uptown, historic buildings, parks, and beautiful mountain views. This is one event you will not want to miss!

If you are a runner – beginning or seasoned – one of the worst things to have to deal with is foot pain. Toe pain in particular can easily slow down your training program and affect you on the day of a race. While small in nature, toes play a huge role. They are crucial for balance and to propel your foot forward during each stride. They endure a great amount of stress during a run. There are several reasons you may encounter toe pain along the way. One is a condition we call hallux limitus, which involves the big toe joint feeling stiff and sore. This is usually caused by an abnormal foot structure. Another reason for pain could be that you have a deformity such as bunions or hammertoes. Running with these abnormalities puts extra stress on your feet. Morton’s neuroma is a condition that can affect runners as well. This is when the tissue surrounding a nerve that leads to your toes becomes thickened. This can cause toes to burn, sting or become numb. Overuse and too much stress on the foot can also cause a toe sprain or even a fracture.

With so many causes of toe pain, it is really important that you have your symptoms diagnosed so you can apply the right form of treatment. A minor pain could turn into a major annoyance if you ignore symptoms, so contact Harvey R. Danciger, DPM for help. Call our office in Palm Desert, CA at (760) 568-0108 to make an appointment today.

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Dr. Harvey Danciger is a podiatrist and foot surgeon in Palm Desert, CA specializing in the foot and ankle
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