Running Shoes that Fit YOU!

You may know the importance of wearing a proper fit running shoe is critical for protecting your foot health.  But with so many different designs and options for running shoes these days, how do you know which pair is going to be the most beneficial for your foot type? Thankfully, Podiatrist Harvey Danciger provides information on different shoe designs and which ones will give each type of foot the support they need.

He’s broken it down into simple characteristics you can look for next time you’re shoe shopping so your feet are given the proper fit shoe for your running activity.

  • Cushioned shoes. Runners who have high arches and need the most midsole cushioning and arch support are best suited for shoes that are well cushioned. Cushioned shoes are the best option for midfoot, or forefoot strikers, as well.
  • Motion control shoes. If you tend to overpronate severely while running and have low arches or flat feet, motion control shoes are for you. These will give you rearfoot control and support on the side of your feet for big runners who need the support and durability.
  • Performance training shoes. If you want a light and balanced shoe for track or speed running, training shoes will be the most efficient choice for your running style.
  • Racing shoes. If you are a serious speed racer with an efficient stride and no injury, racing shoes will provide the lightweight and fast effect for you.
  • Stability shoes. If you are an overpronator who needs extra support and stability, look to stability shoes to give you the right satisfaction and support.
  • Trail shoes. If you are an avid trail runner, trail shoes are a must. They will provide enough traction support, weather resistant material, and stability to take on the rugged terrain ahead of you.

To prevent foot complications from happening to you, start with a running shoe that fits your foot type and running style. Are there any specific types or brands of running shoes that have given your foot type the proper fit? Please share by commenting below!

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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Dr. Harvey Danciger is a podiatrist and foot surgeon in Palm Desert, CA specializing in the foot and ankle
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