Running with Bunions: Protect Yourself from Pain

Runners can rejoice soon! The temperatures here will finally start to go down come fall – at least a little, anyway! However, if fighting off the heat isn’t your only battle while running, because your bunion bugs you more than that sweat dripping in your eyes, follow these tips to keep bunion pain at bay while you’re putting in your miles:

Fall Running
  • Go wide. Make sure your shoes provide a wide enough toe box that pressure isn’t placed on the bony protrusion.
  • Use padding. Add a layer of protection between the bony bulge and your shoe by placing a bunion pad over the area.
  • Do your stretches! Just as it’s important to stretch and warm up before you run, it’s helpful to do bunion stretches too! Pull your bog toe outward and hold for a count of ten then release and repeat.
  • Try spacers or splints. These devices can help to keep your big toe in alignment, reducing the protrusion of the joint.
  • Wear orthotics. Slipping some custom orthotics in your shoes can help distribute weight evenly and redirect pressure away from the problem area.

Running with bunions doesn’t have to be painful! You can manage bunion symptoms by following these guidelines, and keep up your training without skipping a beat. Sure, we might get only a small amount of relief from the heat, but these tips will provide big time relief from bunion pain!

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Dr. Harvey Danciger
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