Serena Williams Hates Tennis?

Serena Wiliams, America’s top tennis player alongside her sister, Venus, has recently admitted to not even liking the sport she’s so successful at. After winning her match at the Brisbane International this year, she was quoted saying, “It’s not that I’ve fallen out of love. I’ve never actually liked sports, and never understood how I became an athlete. I don’t like working out, I don’t like anything that has to do with working physically. If it involves sitting down or shopping- I’m excellent at it.” This statement came as a shock, considering she is obviously so excellent on her feet playing tennis. Serena has been ranked the world’s number one tennis player in past years, and has played numerous tournaments in her career, wiping out almost all competition besides the constant rivalry with her competing sister.

So is the lack of competition causing Serena to be less passionate about her sport-or is there other reasoning involved? Serena took almost a year off from competing back in 2004 and some wondered if she would ever return to the game. During that time, however, she invested her time in media projects and endorsement deals, making her an even more popular celebrity. When she finally did return to the sport, she experienced devastating loss after loss- not something she was used to in the least. A serious foot injury from stepping on broken class in 2010 caused even more damage to her playing stamina. Tennis is one of the worst sports as far as taking a toll on your feet, which made getting back in shape a long process for Serena. Being forced to cut back on the amount of tournaments she participated in, Serena finally got her winning game back in check. As she continues to blow away her competitors, Serena is focusing on worrying less about the game and not playing in too many tournaments- only the ones of important tennis status.

It’s important to engage in sports or activities that we are passionate about. But it is just as important to make sure we take breaks whether it is because of injury or to rejuvenate ourselves to remain interested in the sport itself. Though you may not be anywhere near Serena William’s tennis-playing abilities, make sure to take care of your feet just as well, if you are an active tennis player. Common tennis related foot injuries include; tennis toe, ankle sprains, and Achilles tendonitis. Keep your feet healthy, and you can focus on enjoying your tennis game!

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