Solutions for Nerve Problems in Feet

Foot massageStar Trek—the latest film in the franchise just came out a couple of weeks ago—was a show about exploring the final frontier, and the wonders (and dangers) that exist at the farthest edge of our known universe. When it comes to your nervous system, your feet are the farthest edge of the known universe as well, and dangers lurk there, too.

Nerve problems are very common in feet, due to the constant pressures of standing and walking, as well as the long distance between the feet and the central nervous system, as well as the heart. They’re less protected and get less nourishment due to lower blood flow, and that can mean problems such as sensation loss (peripheral neuropathy), compressed or entrapped nerves, nerve tumors, and more. Fortunately, our office provides several treatment options to help you stop the progression of nerve damage and restore as much lost function as possible.

Of course, every case is different, and each treatment course must be specifically tailored to fit the type and severity of the condition, as well as meet the personal needs and goals of the patient. That’s why we provide a wide variety of treatment options for nerve conditions, including (but not limited to):

  • Prescribing medications to help reduce pain and improve nerve function. This can include both oral and topical medicine.
  • Laser therapy. Our laser uses highly precise wavelengths of light beams that safely and painlessly stimulate natural healing and cellular activity. Improving nerve function is one of the many potential benefits.
  • Nerve decompression surgery. Sometimes nerves get “pinched” in tight spaces, such as the tarsal tunnel. Surgery can release pinching structures to relieve pressure and pain.
  • Surgery to remove a tumor or mass pushing on a nerve, such as a Morton’s neuroma.

Beyond the available medical interventions, many nerve conditions may benefit from more conservative approaches, or even home care and lifestyle modifications. For example, diabetes is a major contributing factor in many instances of peripheral neuropathy; eating a healthy diet and keeping your sugar levels within normal ranges will help keep nerves as nourished and healthy as possible. Likewise, other approaches such as exercise, physical therapy, limiting alcohol intake and avoiding smoking are often important.

If you’re suffering from nerve pain in your feet, give Dr. Harvey Danciger a call for a careful evaluation and discussion of your treatment options. Nerve problems will only get worse without intervention, and some damage is not always 100% reversible, so prompt attention is critical. Request an appointment online, or call us in Palm Desert, CA today at 760-568-0108.

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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