Soothe Ball of Foot Pain With Three Easy Tips

Tips for Ball of Foot Pain ReliefMany of us look forward to Friday—the end of the week and a time to slow down and unwind for a couple of days. In the Old Town La Quinta area of Palm Desert, CA, there is a great Friday event coming up November 15, 2014 called Art Under the Umbrellas. Spend the afternoon perusing the artwork and treasures of over 80 artists. If this type of thing isn’t possible to enjoy due to nagging foot pain that keeps you from walking long distances or staying on your feet for long periods of time, we have some ways to help soothe your discomfort.

Pain in toes and the ball of the foot is often due to a common condition called metatarsalgia. There are several reasons you may be experiencing this discomfort. Wearing ill-fitting shoes, playing high-impact sports, being overweight, and having high arches are common causes for ball of foot pain. When it comes on, it can bring sharp, aching pain and usually gets worse when you are on your feet or involved in exercise. All hope is not lost though. In addition to wearing well-fitting shoes, there are a few home remedies that will help soothe aching feet, too.

The first two tips require some time off of your feet: rest and icing. Alleviating extra pressure on your feet will prevent further problems and give the affected area time to heal. Inflammation is a natural reaction with an injury as your body is attempting to heal damaged tissues. Icing your foot while resting, or massaging your foot over a frozen water bottle, will help reduce swelling and in turn soothe your pain. Another tip is to consider a pair of custom orthotics. These are inserts that slip right inside your shoes and are designed to minimize stress on your feet as well as provide extra support and cushioning exactly where your feet need it.

If these efforts fail to bring you relief from your ball of foot pain, we have further treatment options to help resolve your discomfort once and for all. Contact Harvey R. Danciger, DPM at our office in Palm Desert, CA. You can make an appointment online or call (760) 568-0108.

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