Tips to Stop Your Feet from Tingling

Tingling and burning sensations in feetSometimes, when you’re afraid, it can give you a tingling feeling, like when you’re venturing through a haunted house or watching a scary movie – both popular activities this time of year. However, when you have tingling feet, that’s a sign of neuropathy, and in that case, you can’t just cover your eyes and wait for it to go away!

Nerve damage is a progressive problem that, when left untreated, will only get worse, eventually interfering with your daily life and your ability to do the things you love. In addition to a tingling sensation, you may also experience burning or numbness – a symptom that can not only be inhibiting, but also dangerous, especially if you have diabetes. Not having any feeling in your foot means an injury can occur yet go unnoticed. Thus, if left untreated, it can have devastating results.

That’s why prompt neuropathy treatment is so important – to stop your feet from tingling, burning, and going numb, and to avoid serious complications. Fortunately, there are several conservative options to minimize your symptoms, ease discomfort, and allow you to enjoy your regular activities.

First off, a few lifestyle changes can do wonders. Making healthy food choices and staying active with a daily exercise routine can go a long way toward keeping neuropathy symptoms at bay. Refraining from smoking and limiting alcohol can also help. Medications are also available, and managing any underlying conditions associated with poor circulation and high blood pressure is a must.

Physical therapy is great for maintaining good blood flow and keeping feet strong. Finally, laser therapy is an effective neuropathy treatment that can relieve symptoms safely and painlessly.

If you have tingling feet, don’t be afraid to give Dr. Harvey Danciger a call right away. The sooner you start treating neuropathy, the better off you’ll be, and the more likely you’ll be able to enjoy corn mazes, apple picking, or whatever fall activities you choose! Dial (760) 568-0108 to reach our Palm Desert, CA office today.

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