Super Bowl Player Plays Game With Broken Foot

NFL player Ahmad Bradshaw of the New York Giants takes pride in his tough personality; so much so that he continues to play football with a broken bone in his right foot. He has played the past nine games with this injury, including the Super Bowl, where Bradshaw celebrated with his team their win against the Patriots. Bradshaw wouldn’t miss playing the Super Bowl with his team for anything, even if that meant enduring pain.

Jerald Ingram, one of the Giants’ coaches adds, “The guy has an unbelievable threshold of pain. He has played with broken bones, cracked this, and cracked that. His game is football. That’s what he has been doing all his life. When he gets on the field, he is mean. He takes that pain.”

Bradshaw obviously has a high pain tolerance. Back in 2009, he played the season while suffering with two injured feet after having multiple surgeries to insert screws in his feet. This player knows pain, and seems to enjoy it. His teammates recall that his foot would be causing him so much pain during the week that he wouldn’t attend most practices, but come game day he seems to block out his discomfort and plays like a completely different person.

His toughness is what makes up his personality, what makes Bradshaw a great NFL player. No doubt he is inspiration to his team as well. Everyone would think twice about complaining when there is someone on your team playing with a broken foot? However, this decision made by Bradshaw to keep up his tough act and continue to play is most likely doing incredible amounts of consequential damage to his feet.

The fact that Bradshaw suffered serious foot injuries back in 2009, and keeps having issues almost every season since, is reason enough for why he shouldn’t ignore enduring foot pain. Playing any competitive sport, much less the NFL, when your foot injury is not fully healed will only worsen damage and make your foot more vulnerable to further injury, as in Bradshaw’s case. Be sure to get the okay from your podiatrist before participating in physical activity after recovering from a foot injury.

Ahmad Bradshaw may have the reputation of a tough NFL football player, but eventually his pain tolerance will give out. We hope it’s before his feet do. 

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