Surgery: Not an Option for Everyone

If you suffer from diabetes, the option of surgery for treatment may not be in your best interest. Patients with diabetes, who suffer from obesity with uncontrollable blood sugar levels, are looking to bariatric surgery.  Bariatric surgery is a weight loss operation that staples the stomach and reroutes the small intestine to help with weight loss issues. Although studies have shown that surgical treatment such as bariatric surgery leave patients more likely to have complete diabetes remission, demand less medication, and have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, there are major risks involved that may eliminate surgery from your list of treatment options.

 Bariatric surgery is a procedure that is very expensive and requires a recovery span up to several months. Only patients with a body mass index of over 35 can be considered as a candidate for the surgery, but even then, extreme risks are involved that may include long term nutritional deficiencies, osteoporosis and even possible death.

Although surgery can help manage and possibly cure diabetes, it’s important to know that there are other standard methods of treatment used to successfully control your blood sugar levels and to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The following treatment and care options are important to know about so you can consider, along with your physician, the best treatment for your personal and unique care.  They include:

  • Medication. Depending on your diabetes symptoms or complications, oral or injectable medication can be an important part of your treatment plan that will help regulate your blood sugar levels.
  • Oral health and hygiene. Brushing up on your dental skills can not only keep your mouth healthy, but help control blood glucose as well.
  • Lifestyle changes. Of all of the diabetes management options, diet and exercise are the most important to manage your blood sugar levels. Exercising daily and eating healthy foods will help your diabetes tremendously.

No matter what treatment options are available, it’s critical to talk to your doctor about the best treatment plan for your unique diabetes type and situation. With medical options and support, you can manage your diabetes. For more information, or to set up an appointment with Dr. Danciger, contact our office today!

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