The Pros and Cons of Bunion Surgery

The Pros and Cons of Bunion SurgerySo you’ve been struggling with chronic pain for years, and you’re thinking about bunion surgery. You want the pain gone, but you don’t want to be off your feet for long—people move down to Coachella Valley because the weather allows them to stay fit and active year round. You want the pain gone, but who wants to spend six weeks on a couch?

We understand your fears and concerns, and we want to help you make the right choice. Although conservative methods will always be considered first, sometimes bunion surgery is the right decision for your future health and happiness. Let’s walk through the pros and cons.

The obvious downside to surgery is that it will take your body time to recover. Your specific procedure, general health status, and observance of post-operative instructions will make a big difference, but most will have to spend at least a few weeks with limited weight bearing or off their feet, and another few weeks before wearing normal shoes again. Full healing can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months on average, over which time you’ll gradually resume normal activities.

Of course, there’s also the risks associated with any surgery, such as pain, infection, nerve damage, and other complications.

That said, surgery has myriad benefits. For one, it’s the only way to permanently correct the deformity. Conservative methods may reduce pain, but they won’t take away the bump. Surgery can give you your great-looking feet back. Additionally, bunions tend to get worse over time even with diligent home care.

Perhaps the best reason to get bunion surgery, though, is that it offers results to those who’ve struggled for years. As we said, we always exhaust non-invasive options first, but sometimes even after months (or years) of special shoes, laser therapy, padded inserts, or orthotics, the deformity still restricts your ability to do the things you love. In these instances, the normal recovery period for surgery is a small price to pay for regaining your self-confidence and getting your life back on track, free from pain.

If you don’t know which way to turn—bunion surgery or not—turn instead to Harvey Danciger, DPM in Palm Desert, CA. Our expert podiatrist will carefully evaluate your condition and take all your needs into consideration so that you can make an informed choice. Take control of your foot pain and give us a call today at (760) 568 – 0108.

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