Toes Keeping You Off Your Feet? Don't Rule Out Capsulitis

Have your toes been painful and irritated lately? Have simple, everyday activities been causing your foot pain throughout your toes? Overstretching or strained toes often can occur resulting in a painful condition called capsulitis. When a ligament (a band of tissue that keeps joints held together) becomes inflamed due to overuse or strain, painful inflammation creates capsulitis. Redness and swelling are common symptoms as well. Metatarsal joints in the toes are the most commonly affected by the painful condition. Joints can easily become overstretched and inflamed due to abnormal foot functions, or even everyday physical activities such as climbing a ladder or stooping low to the ground.

So what can you do if you’re suffering from capsulitis? Fortunately, Dr. Harvey Danciger can help! Noninvasive treatment including one or all of the following is recommended to relieve your painful condition.

  • Avoid wearing high heels. High heels add stress and strain to your toes, which can worsen your capsulitis pain. Wear low-heeled shoes with firm soles that fit properly. Flat shoes are recommended best.
  • Decrease or temporarily discontinue the activity responsible for your condition. If a certain physical activity creates the onset of inflammation, it is important to stop the activity to lessen symptoms and pain.
  • Oral anti-inflammatory medication. Please consult your physician before taking any medications.
  • Orthotic devices. Adding orthotics to your shoes can add extra padding, providing your feet and inflamed joints the support and relief they need.
  • Cortisone injections. Cortisone treatment can help reduce inflammation and decrease pain.
  • Surgery. If noninvasive treatment is not effective for treating your condition, surgery may be needed.

Contact our office to set up an appointment with Dr. Danciger to receive the best treatment specific to your capsulitis condition.  Icing the affected areas, elevating your feet, and resting are also great recommendations for home treatment as well.

Don’t ignore the warning signs of capsulitis! Let us help you alleviate your foot pain!


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