Training Tips to Get Back into Your Workout Routine

Spring is finally here!  All of you exercisers are probably taking advantage of the nice weather and longer days to get outside and start spring training. If you’ve taken time off from working out this past winter, get ready to lace up your outdoor running shoes.   It’s important to go about spring training in a healthy manner in order to get back on track the right way.

Dr. Harvey Danciger recommends the following spring training tips to help you maintain healthy workout habits, which will keep you from risking a foot injury:

  1. Start slowly. Even though you may have been running miles at a time a few months ago, don’t expect to be able to pick up where you left off.  The best way to start training without risking exhaustion or injury is to start your workout slowly and gradually increase intensity and mileage.
  2. Find a routine you can stick with. In order to prevent boredom and lack of motivation for exercise, try something new. A new sport or activity will keep you interested and motivated to stick with a workout routine that you can follow.
  3. Pick the right workout gear. Investing in a good outfit and pair of shoes will not only provide inspiration to get moving, but will help keep you safe from injury as well. Make sure you have a proper fit of shoe that is designed for the activity you are participating in and is supportive for your feet.
  4. Keep hydration and diet in mind. Incorporate a healthy diet and plenty of hydration into your daily routine.  Doing this will help provide energy and stamina for getting back into your workout routine.
  5. Know your limits. Listening to what your body is telling you is key for starting up an exercise routine. Don’t ignore warning signs of pain or exhaustion as they may be a sign of injury.

Use these spring training tips to get back outside and stay fit in order to prevent foot injuries from occurring and derailing your workout routine. Contact our office to set up an appointment with Dr. Danciger if you are experiencing any foot injuries or complications.

What spring training tips do you use to get back into exercising? Please share by commenting below!



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