Warning Signs of Low Blood Sugar

If you have diabetes you probably understand the constant battle to regulate your blood sugar can be frustrating. Medications you may be taking can cause episodes of low blood sugar, which can disrupt normal functions of your organs, leading to the condition called hypoglycemia. If you struggle with low blood sugar, it’s important to know the warning signs that may contribute to a decrease of sugar levels. 

Dr. Harvey Danciger encourages you to look out for the following common physical signs of low blood sugar occurrence.  They include:

  • Cold, clammy skin. If your blood sugar drops abnormally low, your body will respond with a surge of hormones that will provoke multiple reactions throughout your body, including sweating on the surface of the skin.
  • Lack of focus or confusion. The brain is very sensitive to low blood sugar levels. With an insufficient amount of glucose, thinking functions begin to deteriorate, and confusion and lack of focus may result.
  • Speech difficulties. Low blood sugar levels can also trigger speech. With low sugar levels, difficulty forming thoughts or slurring your words can occur.
  • Increased heart rate. Your heart rate rapidly increases during an episode of low blood sugar, due to the surge of hormones, which causes your heart to beat faster and harder.

Incorporate the following natural tips to help prevent low blood sugar levels:

  • Never consume more than the prescribed dose of medication. Excessive use of medication can cause hypoglycemia.
  • Eat on time and never miss a meal. This will help control your glucose levels with a set routine.
  • Avoid consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. Alcohol can contribute to low blood sugar.
  • Keep track of what you eat in relation to how much you are exercising. Vigorous exercise without an adequate amount of food intake can cause hypoglycemia.
  • See your doctor. It’s critical to seek medical attention and advice if you experience episodes of low blood sugar in order to evaluate a healthy diet and exercise routine, and to be prescribed correct medication.

Be aware of the physical warning signs and prevention tips, and you can prevent low blood sugar from affecting your life! For more information, contact our office today! 

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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