What Can You Do About Hammertoes?

Whether they are rigid or flexible, hammertoes can cause serious pain and leave you feeling self-conscious when exposing your feet this summer season. Hammertoes are recognized as misshapen toes that bend up at the middle toe joint. An improper fit of shoe, arthritis, or heredity can cause hammertoes to form. If you have hammertoes, you most likely are experiencing the pain that is caused by corns and calluses, which are formed on the top of the toes and the bottom of the foot due to irritation and swelling that hammertoes create from shoe wear.

There are ways in which you can relieve your hammertoe pain at home. Start by wearing shoes with plenty of toe room, and avoid wearing high heels in order to keep added pressure off the fronts of your feet. Shoe repair shops can even stretch your shoes to make room for your toes as needed.

Although these home remedies can help alleviate pain, the best way to treat your hammertoes is to seek medical attention from Dr. Harvey Danciger.  He can help relieve your hammertoe pain by providing the following treatment options:

  • Padding. To relieve pressure off of your toes, extra padding can be added to your shoes to provide cushioning. Orthotics can also be prescribed and custom made to your foot shape.
  • Injections. In some cases, hammertoe pain may be caused by fluid filled sacs on top of the toes called a bursa. Injections can be used to diminish the fluid, which can eliminate the pain itself.
  • Surgical procedures. A small surgical treatment option includes lengthening the toe tendon in order to help straighten it out. In severe cases of hammertoes, an out-patient surgery may be necessary in order to straighten the rigid hammertoe.

To prevent a hammertoe from forming in the first place, Dr. Danciger suggests never forcingyour toes to fit into a pair of shoes or to bend them unnaturally.  Doing so can cause your toes to tighten and leave a permanent claw-like shape. Also, toe stretches can help keep your toe tendons relaxed and less likely to form a hammertoe shape.

There’s no reason to endure your hammertoe pain. Contact our office to set up an appointment with Dr. Danciger to receive the proper treatment for your condition.

Dr. Harvey Danciger
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Dr. Harvey Danciger is a podiatrist and foot surgeon in Palm Desert, CA specializing in the foot and ankle
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